Marseille is a city in southern France featured in Vive la France! DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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The main city features only the northern part of Marseille with the suburbs L'Estaque and Saint-Henri, but the village La Mède, which is independent in real-life, also belongs to the in-game city.

The known landmarks in Marseille are the Marseille-Fos Port, the Old Port of Marseille and some residential high-rise buildings. There is also a Total refinery in La Mède in real-life, where the BHB La Raffinerie refinery is suated in game.

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Marseille is split up in four parts in the game. The main city is primarily a port area, which includes a Eolo Lines depot, a Marina, a Port de Conteneur and a Wilnet Transport depot. There are also a bus station, a garage, a gas station, a large MAN truck dealer with a service shop, a hotel and a recruitment agency.

To the west of the city, in a village called La Mède, there is a BHB refinery.

In addition, one can find a Boisserie Jean-Pierre sawmill and a Dans le Jardin farm to the north of the main city.

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The main city and La Mède both are connected with the A7 by the A55. The A7 runs up north towards Saint-Alban-du-Rhône and Lyon and joins the A8 in eastern direction. The A8 connects the area with Nice and Italy. Just a bit north of the intersection of the A8 and the A7, the A9 branches off of the A7 and runs towards Montpellier.

The Dans le Jardin depot is connected with the A51, which runs to the intersection of the A8 and the A7 in the south, while it becomes a minor road in the north. This minor road later joins another minor road, which connects the A7 and the Boisserie Jean-Pierre sawmill with the Italian border.

In addition, an Eolo Lines ferry goes to Porto-Vecchio.

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