Mannheim is a city in south-western Germany, and is one of the three German cities to be introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (the other two are Kassel and Osnabrück).

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There are a lot of famous real-life places in ETS2 in Mannheim. The most important is the river Neckar, which splits up the city in two parts and which is crossed by the two bridges Neckarsteg and Friedrich-Ebert-Brücke. In the Eastern part of the city, there is only the Neckaruferbebauung Nord, while there are in the Western part the Fernmeldeturm Mannheim, the Victoria Tower, the Collini-Center, the MVV Tower, the Kurt-Schumacher-Brücke and the Jesuit Church. In addition, you can see the BASF Tower in the neighbour-city Ludwigshafen.

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The accessible part of Mannheim is divided into two sectors by the river Neckar, which flows into the Rhine near the city. EuroGoodies, Trameri and Transinet have depots in the city, while a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency and a service shop is also present there.

A Stein Bruch quarry is situated to the southeast of the city, but it is actually part of Stuttgart.

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The only highway near the city is the A5, which runs south from Frankfurt am Main. Further south, the A8 takes over and heads towards Stuttgart and München.

Three minor roads provide further connection to / from Mannheim:

  • A minor road starts from Mannheim and heads towards Strasbourg in eastern France.
  • Another minor road connects Mannheim with Köln in the north and the A6 to the southeast (which runs towards Nürnberg). The Stein Bruch quarry can be accessed from this road.
  • A third minor road branches off to the west, meeting the French A4 near Metz and Luxembourg.

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