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The M3 is a motorway in northeast Hungary. It was added with the Going East! DLC.

Path Edit

It connects the capital city Budapest with the northeastern part of the country: both Highway M35 (leading to the second-largest Hungarian city Debrecen) and Highway M30 (leading to the Slovakian city Košice) terminate at this road.

Comparison to the real world Edit

  • The real-world road doesn't terminate in Budapest at Highway M0, but at an inner boulevard called Hungária körút.
  • In the real world, M3's eastern end is at Road 41, approximately 30 km far from the Ukrainian border, and 93 km far from the in-game terminus of the M3 road (where it becomes M35 in-game).
  • The featured section of the road is 35 km longer in reality.

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