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 Note: This page contains only information about Los Angeles in American Truck Simulator!

Los Angeles is a city in California, featured in American Truck Simulator and in 18 Wheels of Steel series. It is the largest city in the state, and borders Carlsbad and Oxnard.

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

Known landmarks in Los Angeles are the Pacific Plaza, the Georgian Hotel, the Holiday Inn Santa Monica, the Hollywood (World of Trucks) sign, the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, the Santa Monica Civic Center, the Santa Monica Pier, the Santa Monica Public Safety Facility, the Santa Monica State Beach, the Sea Castle apartments, The Shores, the Shutters on the Beach hotel, the skyline, the Viceroy Santa Monica, the Wilshire Palisades, the 100 Wilshire Avenue building and the 1221 Ocean Avenue bulding.

Accessible streets are the Appian Way, the Colorado Avenue, the Ocean Avenue, the Pico Boulevard, the Wilshire Boulevard and the 4th Street.

Features[edit | edit source]

Most companies of Los Angeles are situated in the Southeastern part of the city.

Facilities in the Western part are a motel, two gas stations (one of them is a Gallon Oil depot), a recruitment agency and a garage. In addition, there are a 42 Print, Bitumen and Sell Goods depot, as well as a Charged store. To the northwest of the city, there are a HMS Machinery depot and a Eddy's store.

In the Eastern part of Los Angeles are a gas station, a Kenworth truck dealer with a service shop, a Voltison Motors store and a Charged depot. Driving a bit out of the city in Southern direction you can find a gas station and a Gallon Oil refinery. On the other side of the Interstate 5 are a Plaster & Sons depot and also a construction, as well as another gas station and a motel.

Connections[edit | edit source]

Los Angeles is divided into two parts by the IS5, which connects the city with Carlsbad and San Diego to the south and Huron, San Francisco, and Sacramento to the north. The CA99 runs from I-5 north of Los Angeles to Bakersfield and Fresno to the north.

In the eastern part of Los Angeles, the IS10 runs from I-5 in West Covina to Indio, Ehrenberg, and Phoenix, Arizona to the east. The IS15 intersects I-10 in Ontario and runs to San Diego to the south and Barstow to the north. The CA14 runs from I-5 in Santa Clarita towards Bishop, Carson City, and Reno, Nevada (via the USCA395) to the north.

In the western part of Los Angeles, the USCA101 from I-5 in Burbank and the CA1 from the Santa Monica Freeway in Santa Monica run to Oxnard and Santa Maria to the northwest. The Santa Monica and Harbor Freeways connect SR 1 in Santa Monica with I-5 in Burbank. The CA126 runs from I-5 in Santa Clarita to Oxnard to the west.

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