This is a list of the scenery villages/towns and districts in Turkey, featured in the Road to the Black Sea expansion.

Villages[edit | edit source]

Name Closest in-game city Image
Ahmediye İstanbul
Alkent 2000 İstanbul
Istanbul view 1.png
Bakışlar (not accessible) Edirne
Çanakkale (not accessible) (City) Edirne Canakkale & Kesan.png
Çatalca (not accessible) İstanbul
Değirmenci (not accessible) Edirne
Eskikadın (not accessible)
Hamidiye (not accessible) Edirne
Hamzabeyli Edirne Hamzabeyli border crossing.png
Havsa Edirne

Hayrabolu (not accessible)

İpsala (not accessible) Tekirdağ Ipsala.png
İskender (not accessible) Edirne
Kapıkule Edirne Kapikule border crossing.png
Karapınar (not accessible) Edirne
Kemal (not accessible) Edirne
Keşan (not accessible) Tekirdağ Canakkale & Kesan.png
Kiscasahil (not accessible) Edirne
Köseilyas (not accessible) Tekirdağ Köseilyas.png
Kumbağ (not accessible) Tekirdağ Kumbag.png
Kuzucu Edirne Kuzucu.png
Meriç (not accessible) Edirne Meric.png
Necatiye (not accessible) Edirne
Pazarkule (not accessible) Edirne Pazarkule.png
Pınarbaşı (not accessible) Edirne
Silivri (not accessible) İstanbul Silivri.png
Uzunköprü (not accessible) Edirne Uzunkopru.png
Yenice Tekirdağ Yenice.png
Yenikadın (not accessible) Edirne
Yeniköy (not accessible) Edirne

Districts of İstanbul[edit | edit source]

These areas in the city of İstanbul itself are considered being districts than villages.

District Name Image
Avcılar Istanbul view 3.png
Esenyurt (not accessible) Alkop, Esenyurt.png

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