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This page lists real-world companies and brands that can be found under different names in American Truck Simulator.

Real counterpart In-game brand Industry Image
Aaron's Araon's Furniture retail
Araon's Store.png
Ahern Rentals Herren Rentals Heavy equipment
Amtrak TrakUS Railroad
TrakUS train, v1.43.png
Audi - Luxury automobiles
ATS Audi Logo.png
AutoZone CarZone Car services
ATS AutoZone Ad.png
Barton's Club 93 Carton Club 93 Casino hotel
ATS Barton's Club 93 Sign.png
Best Buy Charged Electronics store
Charged store Los Angeles.png
Blake's Lotaburger Drake's Hotaburger Fast food
BNSF Railway BFSN Freight railroad network
ATS EMD GP35.png
Boeing Darwing Aircraft manufacturer
Washington Blog 76.jpg
Denny's Annie's Restaurant chain
Annie's store in Wyoming, v1.43.png
BP GP Fuel
Bridgestone Gestone Motor vehicle tires
ATS Bridgestone Tire.png
Broadway Diner Roadway Restaurant
Amtrucks 2020-07-23 16-57-43-13.png
Buick - Automobiles

As seen on a Buick Enclave

As seen on a Buick Verano

Burger Chef Ray's Fast food
Carl's Jr. Martin's Pub / Hamburgers Orders to Go Fast food
Amtrucks 2020-07-23 17-52-57-47.png
Carrier Global Cooler / Career HVAC systems

As seen on a Reefer trailer

As seen on an Isuzu NPR

Chevrolet V / Z Automobiles

As seen on a Chevrolet Caprice PPV

As seen on a Chevrolet Camaro

Chevron Chemron Fuel
2016-02-18 00004.jpg
Coach USA, LLC West Coast Tours Transit
West Coast Tours tourbus, v1.43.jpg
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Cosmos Casino hotel
Las Vegas The Cosmopolitain.png
The Cromwell Las Vegas The Crownbell Casino hotel
Las Vegas The Cromwell.png
Delgado Tires (local Stockton company) Deldago Tires Tire services
Deldago Tires.png
DHL Express DUL Delivery/Express Logistics
Dodge - Automobiles
ATS Dodge Logo.png
Ducati Puccato Motorcycles
ATS Ducati Parody.png
Fear Factory Fun Factory Haunted house
Salt Lake City Fear Factory Sign.png
FedEx FatEx / PostEd Delivery
ATS Ford Transit FatEx.png
ATS Chevrolet Step Van PostEd.png
The Firkin and Fox Pub and Restaurant The Freakin' Coyote Restaurant and Pub Dining
Carson City The Firkin and Fox Pub and Restaurant.png
Ford Tough / Frog Automobiles

As seen on a Ford Crown Victoria

As seen on a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Fox News Fnox News Television
ATS Fox News.png
General Mills Global Mills Food Processing
Global Mills Albuquerque.png
Greyhound Lines Farland Interstate coach lines
ATS Greyhound mc12.png
Hapag-Lloyd Haddock-Floyd Marine transportation
San Francisco Container Ship.png
Hard Rock Cafe Hard Book Cafe Dining and casino hotels
San Francisco Hard Rock Cafe Logo.png
Harley-Davidson Halley-Davidsoon Motorcycles
Kingman Mother Road Harley-Davidson.png
Home Depot Home Store Hardware Store
Ontario Home Store.png
Honda Tonda Engines and power equipment
ATS Honda Logo.png
Hyundai - Automobiles
ATS Hyundai Logo.png
IFLOP Sign.png
SHOp restaurant.jpg
Iron Skillet Metal Skillet Dining
Jeep Jeap SUVs
ATS Jeep Logo.png
John Deere Dear John Agricultural vehicles
ATS John Deere Logo.png
Komatsu Komat's Sun Heavy equipment
Komat's Sun.png
Love's Heart's Truck stops
Heart's Truck Stop.png
Mack Trucks - Trucks
ATS Mack Logo.png
Mandalay Bay Mandela Bay Casino hotel
Las Vegas Mandalay Bay.png
The Mirage The Miracle Casino hotel
Las Vegas The Mirage.png
NAPA FAPA / PANA Car services
Pana Auto Care Center.png
NBC CNB Television
ATS Ford Transit News.png
Palms Casino Resort Lamps Casino Resort Casino hotel
Pep Boys Dep Boy Auto service and tires
Stockton Pep Boys Sign.png
Petro Stopping Centers Fusion Travel Plaza / Pedro Stopping Centers Truck stops
ATS Petro Stopping Centers Sign (Fusion).png
Pierce Soptik Fire trucks
Soptik, Pierce fire truck parody.png
Pilot / Flying J Driver / Driving O Truck stops
Driver Truck Stop.png
Driving O Truck Stop.png
The Platinum Hotel & Spa Platinium Condo hotel
Las Vegas The Platinum Hotel.png
Ralph's / Walgreens Eddy's Supermarket chain
Eddy's Farmington.png
Ray's Food Place Key's Food Place Supermarket chain
Rite Aid Drive Aid Pharmacy chain
Drive Aid.png
San Diego Comic-Con San Diego Bran-Con Expo
San Diego Bran-Con Billboard, v1-43 open beta.png
Save Mart Supermarkets Sale Mart Supermarkets Supermarket chain
ATS Save Mart Supermarkets Logo.png
Schroeder's Drive In (local restaurant in Danville, Illinois) Schreeder's Drive-In Dining
Subway Fastfood / Highway Fast food
FastFood restaurant.jpg
HighWay restaurant sign.jpg
Amazon Sell Goods Retailer
Sell Goods.jpg
Setina Manufacturing Setna Automobile accessories
Setna rambar on WYSP Charger, v1.43.png
Sinclair Oil Spectrum Oil and gasoline
Sleep Inn Slampete Motel Hotels
St. Charles Hotel St. Thomas Hotel Boutique hotel in Carson City
Carson City St. Charles Hotel Sign.png
Stihl Stahl Forestry and landscaping equipment
ATS Stahl.png
Subaru - Automobiles
ATS Subaru Logo.png
Subaru Tecnica International (STI) TDI Motorsports
ATS STI Logo.png
Tesla, Inc. Voltison Motors Automobiles
Voltison Motors.jpg
Thermo King Turbo King HVAC systems
ATS Thermo King Logo.png
Toyota - Automobiles
ATS Toyota Logo.png
Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Pleasure Island Casino hotel
Las Vegas Treasure Island.png
The Trump Organization Triumph Condo hotel
Las Vegas Trump Hotel.png
U-Haul N-Hool Self-moving
ATS Ford F-650 2.png
UPS UDS Delivery
UDS van.jpg
Vestas Wind Systems A/S Vitas Power Wind turbines
Vitas Power Trailer ATS.jpg
Wabash National S.M.E.T.Y. Trailers Company Trailers
Walgreens Halgreens Pharmacy chain
Walmart Wallbert Supermarket chain
Wallbert Store.jpg
Wendy's Penny's Dining
ATS Wendy's Logo.png
Wells Fargo Bells Fargo / Well Bank Financial
ATS Bells Fargo.png
Sheridan Wells Fargo Bank.jpg

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