For the list of cities featured in the sequel game, Euro Truck Simulator 2, see List of Cities in Euro Truck Simulator 2.This page contains the list of cities in the original Euro Truck Simulator. Only cities with names appearing on the game map is included. Cities with bolded names are capitals of their respective countries.
City Name Country No. of Depots Expansion?
Amsterdam Netherlands 2
Barcelona Spain 2
Berlin Germany 3
Bern Switzerland 3
Bordeaux France 2
Brussel Belgium 2
Frankfurt Germany 3
Lisboa Portugal 3
London United Kingdom 3 Gold Edition
Lyon France 3
Madrid Spain 3
Manchester United Kingdom 3 Gold Edition
Milano Italy 3
München Germany 3
Newcastle United Kingdom 3 Gold Edition
Paris France 3
Praha Czech Republic 3
Roma Italy 3
Warszawa Poland 2
Wien Austria 2

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