Like a Farmer
Like a Farmer

To unlock the achievement "Like a Farmer" the player needs to complete a delivery to each agricultural and cattle farm featured in Beyond the Baltic Sea.
They are marked on the map under following icons:

Agrominta UAB logo Eviksi ZS logo Maatila Egres logo Onnelik Talu logo Zelenye Polja logo

DLC IconThis Achievement requires Euro Truck Simulator 2: Beyond the Baltic Sea

Where are the farms ?

16 different farms can be found in Baltic countries :

Country City
EE Estonia Narva
EE Estonia Pärnu (East)
EE Estonia Pärnu (West)
EE Estonia Tartu
FI Finland Helsinki
FI Finland Kouvola
LV Latvia Daugavpils
LV Latvia Liepāja (North)
LV Latvia Liepāja (Sourh)
LV Latvia Riga
LV Latvia Valmiera
LV Latvia Ventspils
LT Lithuania Utena (East)
LT Lithuania Utena (West)
RU Russia Kaliningrad
RU Russia Saint Petersburg

Achievement Like a Farmer
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