Level crossings are points on some roads where railway intersects the road. Though mainly dormant, these crossings will often activate for trains that spawn down the line. When the lights start flashing and the barriers come down, you are required to stop and let the train go by. An invisible wall blocks passage through the crossing until the barriers come fully up.

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Level crossing Belgium
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Level crossing Czech Level crossing Estonia
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Level crossing Finland Level crossing Germany
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Level crossing Hungary Level crossing Latvia
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Level crossing Lithuania
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Level crossing Russia Level crossing Slovakia
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Level crossing UK

Trivia Edit

  • A unique type of crossing found in some countries contains only a crossbuck with no barriers or lights. Because of this, trains never spawn at these crossings.
  • There used to be a bug with level crossings. If you stopped too close to the crossing, the light started to flash but the barriers did not come down and the train did not appear.
  • The train that passes the crossings is always a CargoRail freight train. However, passenger trains can also be seen on railroad running next to the roads or at viaducts.
  • Hungarian, Slovak and Czech crossings are the same.
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