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 Note: This page contains only information about Leipzig in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Leipzig is a city in central-eastern Germany. It is featured in German Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Leipzig has been rebuilt in the update 1.32.

Landmarks Edit

The in-game landmarks of Leipzig are the City Tower, the river Elbe, the Westin Hotel, the New Town Hall, the St. Peter's church, the Federal Court House and the Wintergarten Tower.

Features Edit

Leipzig has relatively few in-game companies, with only depots of EuroGoodies and FCP, as well as a TREE-ET mill just outside the city.

DAF has a small truck dealer in the city. There's also a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency and a service shop in the city.

A CargoRail yard is located in the cutting next to the street in front of the FCP depot.

Connections Edit

The A9 is the primary connection to the city. Berlin is the next city to the north while Nürnberg is the next city to the south.

A east-west minor road passes to the north of Leipzig. The road goes to Dresden to the east, while to the west it runs through open country and ends on the A7 near Kassel.

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