Las Cruces is a city featured in the New Mexico map expansion DLC for American Truck Simulator.[1] It is located in southwestern New Mexico. In real life, it is the second largest city in New Mexico after Albuquerque.

Landmarks Edit

The following landmarks are represented in-game: the Dona Ana County District Court, the Emmanuel Lutheran Church, The Entrada Water Tank, the Las Cruces City Hall, the Recycled Road runner sculpture, the Rio Grande River, and the Space Murals Museum.

Features Edit

Near the large highway interchange and off a street on the US 70 is a commerical area containing a gas station, a Sell Goods depot, and a Wallbert depot.

Just south of that, on Lohnman Avenue, is a Wallbert store and a Charged depot.

A bit south of that off Exit 143 on the Interstate 10 is a Voltison Motors depot.

West of that on Motel Blvd is a Bitumen depot, a service shop, and a truck stop. Also, there is a garage on the US 70.

On the west side of the Rio Grande, there is a rest stop off the Interstate 10.

Connections Edit

Las Cruces is connected to other cities by three roads:

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References Edit

  1. New Mexico map, Moh1336 in SCS Blog Discussion, SCS Software Forum, 2017-11-03 (accessed 2017-11-03)

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