La Rochelle is a French city featured in Vive la France! map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

SCS Software released screenshots of the city on 28 July 2016. The Marina and a rail crossing were shown in this blogpost.

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The northern and larger accesible part of La Rochelle is the seaport which is called La Pallice. The other in-game part with the marina is Les Minimes. In addition, the A837 crosses the Canal de Rompsay.

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The city is divided in two parts: The northern part is mainly a cargo port area, while the southern part serves as a marina.

The northern part includes a Chimi, a Huilant and a Lisette Logistics depot, as well as a garage, a gas station and a recruitment agency. Just outside the city, one can find a Bâtisse wind turbine construction area.

The other part features a Kaarfor mall, a Marina and a hotel.

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One can find 3 Autoroutes around La Rochelle:

  • The A10 passes the city to the east and goes towards Bordeaux in the south and Paris in the north.
  • The A83 branches off of the A10 to the north of the city and runs towards Nantes.
  • The A837 connects the two city parts with the other two Autoroutes.

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