Krone Trailer Pack is a DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It has been released on September 17, 2018 along with the new update 1.32.

At the release SCS started Steam key giveaway event for 10,000 players, like they did with Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack and Michelin Fan Pack. All keys were given away in less than 1h15m.

Features Edit

Trailers Edit

The trailers included in this pack are both purchasable and customizable. They are also available at normal freight market and quick jobs and can be seen in the AI traffic.

Name Price Image Cargo types Notes
Box Liner €49,205
ETS2 Krone Box Liner
Containers and container tanks Added in the update 1.33
Profi Liner €54,745
ETS2 Krone Profi Liner
General, dry goods
Profi Liner HD Flatbed €55,145
ETS2 Krone Profi Liner HD Flatbed
Construction equipment and materials
Dry Liner €79,745
ETS2 Krone Dry Liner
General, dry goods
Profi Liner Double €93,710
ETS2 Krone Profi Liner Double
General, dry goods
Cool Liner €142,945
ETS2 Krone Cool Liner
Frozen, chilled goods

Truck Accessories Edit

Name Type Price Image
Krone Coffee Mug Dashboard accessory €90 Krone Mug
Krone Pennant Windshield accessory €150 Krone Pennant
Krone Style Cap Dashboard accessory €375 Krone Cap

Trailer Accessories Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There were some complications during the giveaway event because there were so many requests that Gleam, the service which provides such events, exceeded the request limit of the Steam API for the in-game hours. In response to that they had to disable this requirement and it was open for everyone. Originally only people with more than 100 hours in ETS2 were able to get a free key.

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