Kristiansand is a city in Norway, and is the southernmost city in that country to be introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia.

Just like other Scandinavian cities featured in the game, the footprint of Kristiansand is extremely large, effectively covering neighbouring districts and settlements.

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The main part of the city is to the east, starting with the seaport and the adjacent Polaris Lines goodsyard. BHV, GNT and NS Chemicals also have depots in the city limits. Further west on the road towards Stavanger, accesses to an MS Stein mine, a Björk mill and an Agronord farm can be found. In total there are 7 companies having depots in Kristiansand.

Just like other typical ETS 2 cities, Kristiansand houses some basic facilities for truckers, including a garage, two hotels (one in the city and the other due west on the E39) and a service shop. On the main road bypassing the city there's also a gas station.

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Two Euroroutes serve Kristiansand:

  • The E18 starts from Kristiansand, goes east and passes through Oslo, the Norwegian capital. It then crosses the border into Sweden, and eventually reaches the northern entrance of Stockholm, the Swedish capital.
  • The E39 goes west from Kristiansand towards Stavanger. In real-life the E39 also serves Bergen, the most northwestern Norwegian city featured in ETS 2, but the road beyond Stavanger is inaccessible to truckers.

Polaris Lines provides a ferry service between Kristiansand and the Danish port Hirtshals. In fact the ferry is part of the E39 Euroroute as well, and the route continues for some distance south of Hirtshals.

Both the E18 and the E39 have toll booths outside Kristiansand, and the ferry service also charges a fee. That means truckers have to pay their way into or out of Kristiansand.

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