Karlskrona is a city in southern Sweden, introduced to Euro Truck Simulator 2 through the Scandinavia DLC.

Features Edit

Three companies have depots in Karlskrona: Drekkar Trans is on the westernmost street, while Norrfood sits on the southern street and Norrsken has its entrance on the central street.

Polaris Lines has a goodsyard in Verkö, Karlskrona's ferryport, but is nonetheless considered part of Karlskrona.

Facilities present in Karlskrona include a garage, a gas station (without resting facilities), a hotel, and a service shop.

Connections Edit

Three significant connections (two roads, one ferry) serve Karlskrona.

  • E22 is the only numbered road (in-game) directly serving Karlskrona. It's of highway standard on both sides of Karlskrona, but narrows to a minor road near the city. Truckers taking the E22 to the west can reach either Helsingborg, Malmö or Trelleborg (though it's quicker to go to Trelleborg on a section of non-Euroroute). Meanwhile, Kalmar is the next major settlement along the E22 to the northeast.
  • A road starts from Karlskrona city centre (inaccessible to truckers) and goes all the way to the north, eventually reaching Växjö. It's modeled after Swedish national roads 27 and 28[1].
  • Karlskrona is one of the two cities having ferries providing connections to Poland (the other bring Nynäshamn), however the port itself is separately signed (as Verkö), and is thus described in a separate page.

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  1. The road's alignment resembles Riksväg 27, especially near Växjö, but in real-life it's the Riksväg 28 actually entering Karlskrona.

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