Kalmar is a city in Sweden, introduced along with 25 other cities in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia expansion. Like other cities in Sweden and Norway, Kalmar covers a large area.

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The city exists in the game as two main parts. To the northwest, an Agronord farm and a IKA Bohag depot sit near the main road (E22); the city centre is to the east of the main road, with GNT and Norrfood having depots there.

An NS Oil depot is further to the southeast, on an artificial island off the city centre, while a Nordic Stenbrott mine is to the north of the city.

Trucking facilities present in Kalmar include a garage, a hotel, a service shop, and a small Mercedes-Benz truck dealer. All of these structures are in the city centre.

Kalmar is one of the ETS 2 cities with a rather large number of landmarks present, including the Old Water Tower, the Kalmar Castle, the central railway station, and possibly the local museum.

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The E22 is the main road running north-south across the city. To the north the road runs to a point where truckers have to turn northwest to reach Linköping, while to the southwest the road leads to Karlskrona and Helsingborg, where it merges with the E4 and E6. Truckers to Trelleborg should also follow the E22 and turn off beyond Karlskrona.

A minor road goes west from E22 near Kalmar and heads for Växjö. This road allows truckers to take a shorter route towards Jönköping, Göteborg and Norway.

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