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Interstate 80 (I-80) is an east–west Interstate Highway in northern California, Nevada, and Utah, and southern Wyoming in American Truck Simulator. It runs the long distance from The Embarcadero in San Francisco to Interstate 180 and US 85 in Cheyenne.

In real life, Interstate 80 runs from San Francisco to Teaneck, New Jersey. It is the second-longest Interstate Highway in the United States and the tenth longest highway in the world, after Interstate 90.

There is one toll gate on Interstate 80, charging vehicles crossing from Oakland to San Francisco over the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. This toll costs $25 to go through. There is no toll to leave San Francisco.


Interstate 80 begins at the west end of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge with an exit leading to The Embarcadero in San Francisco. It starts its transcontinental run by looping onto the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, which consists of two differently-designed spans separated by stacked tunnels through Yerba Buena Island (eastbound traffic travels underneath westbound traffic). On the east side of the bay, after passing the westbound toll gate in Oakland, the highway runs concurrent with Interstate 580 for a short distance, this concurrency terminating near SR 4. After intersecting with SR 37, the highway turns east into the Sacramento Valley, where it passes through the north end of the city of Sacramento and intersects with Interstate 5. Once past the state capital, the highway progresses to the Sierra Nevada via Donner Pass (7227 ft), reaching the town of Truckee just east of the pass' summit. Shortly after a westbound weigh station, the road bends north/south as it approaches Nevada.

In the brief north/south section, there is a truck stop for each side of the highway after crossing the Nevada border. Interstate 80 then curves back to its initial east/west direction. The highway leads into Reno, where it intersects with US 395 and Interstate 580. After leaving Reno, the highway begins its long course across the Great Basin, a route across the vast, mountainous desert that closely follows the path of the California Trail. As the highway trends north, it comes across an eastbound weigh station shortly after Reno. At the end of the long, northeast span the highway meets the first exit in 273 miles, for the town of Winnemucca and US 95. Then the highway begins running alongside the Humboldt River as it leads to Battle Mountain and SR 305, where a small gas station is provided, and soon after crosses the Humboldt twice at the Carlin Tunnels (which, in the game, are significantly further west than in reality). Continuing east, Elko and SR 225 are reached, and after east and westbound weigh stations the highway stretches towards Wells and US 93. Out of Wells the highway appears to cross the Toano Range via Silverzone Pass (5940 ft), and descends to the state-line town of West Wendover and US 93 Alternate.

At the Utah border, West Wendover becomes Wendover and, after east and westbound weigh stations, Interstate 80 crosses the white, flat expanse of the Great Salt Lake Desert, a minimalist landscape notable for the land speed records set here. Leaving these salt flats, the highway skirts the northern edge of the Cedar Mountains, where the chimney of the Kennecott Smelter (an Avalanche Steel facility) can be seen. This smokestack, at 1215 ft (370 m), is the tallest free-standing structure in the American West and the fourth-tallest chimney in the world. After passing the smelter the highway enters Salt Lake City, Utah's capital and largest city, where it intersects with Interstate 15. The highway leaves the city via Parleys Canyon, one of the few highway routes across the historically daunting Wasatch Mountains, and meets with US 40 and 189 at Silver Summit, this being the former's western terminus. Past this summit, the highway descends into the valley of the Weber River, which features overlooks by the Echo Reservoir, and meets with Interstate 84 at its western terminus.

Past the junction with I-84, the 80 climbs through the red-walled Echo Canyon, which features Utah's Echo Port of Entry, a weigh station that offers a rest area. Out of the canyon, the highway enters Wyoming, where there is another port of entry and the city of Evanston. Past Evanston, the 80 crosses the Bear River Divide, exiting the Great Basin; here there is a length of highway called the "Highway to Heaven," a long, straight, hilly stretch of road that, when viewed from the correct angle and under the right conditions, appears to reach into the sky. Now back in the watershed of the Pacific, the highway meets with US 30 at Little America, the 30 beginning a concurrency near the famous truck stop. Soon the 80 passes to the north of the town of Green River; here the highway begins running along the southern edge of White Mountain, a large mesa lined with dramatic cliffs and buttes, with the 80 passing through a promontory via the Twin Tunnels. Past Green River, the highway runs through Rock Springs, where it crosses paths with US 191. Out of Rock Springs, the 80 enters the Red Desert and the Great Divide Basin, a rugged, alkaline desert that makes up much of the highway between Rock Springs and Rawlins. In this desert the 80 meets WY 789, the longest state highway in Wyoming, having come up from Baggs and the Colorado state line. The 789 runs concurrent with the 80 as it exits the Red Desert and enters the Atlantic watershed, and breaks away at Rawlins, where US 287 begins a concurrency. East of Rawlins the 80 passes to the south of Sinclair, a town dominated by its refinery, a significant landmark along the 80. The highway then curves around Laramie, and rejoins with US 30; in real life, the 30 breaks from I-80 east of Sinclair and heads northeast to Medicine Bow, a segment of the highway sacrificed due to the condensed nature of the game's map. It is also at Laramie that US 287, in real life, breaks from the 80, heading south to Fort Collins. Out of Laramie, the 80 enters the forested Laramie Mountains, where it climbs to Sherman Summit, which, at an elevation of 8640 ft (2630 m), is the highest point of I-80; the summit offers a rest area, which features a bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln (16th US president), commemorating the Lincoln Highway, one of the earliest transcontinental highways, which also reached its high point in the Laramies. Descending from Sherman Summit, the 80 passes the very small town of Buford (population: 1) and soon after reaches Cheyenne, the largest city and state capital of Wyoming, and Interstate 25. I-80 currently ends at Interstate 180/Us 85, and will eventually be extended into Nebraska.

It is worth noting the historical significance of I-80's route. From Sacramento to Fort Bridger (the nearest in-game town being Little America), the highway follows the route of the California Trail by way of the Hastings Cutoff, a mid-19th century wagon trail notably followed by the infamously ill-fated Donner Party, the namesake of Donner Pass. From Sacramento to Omaha, Nebraska, the highway follows the general route of the First Transcontinental Railroad, the railroad's legacy being prominent in the string of cities along the highway in Wyoming. I-80 has also, for the most part, superceded the route of the Lincoln Highway, which, dedicated in 1913, is one of the earliest transcontinental highways.


Exit list[]


Location mi km Exit Destinations Facilities Notes
San Francisco 0 -- The Embarcadero Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.pngDealer ico.pngGarage ico.png West terminus in game
25 -- Toll Booth Road toll ico.pngParking ico.png Westbound only toll
Eastbound only rest area
Oakland 27 8 B IS580 I-580 East – Oakland West end of I-580 concurrency
Berkeley 41 11 University Avenue Turnaround only
Richmond 50 13 IS580 I-580 West – San Rafael East end of I-580 concurrency
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
57 23 CA4IS580 SR 4 to I-580 West – Stockton, San Rafael Parking ico.png
78 -- CA37 SR 37 West – San Rafael
Sacramento 94 83 Reed Avenue Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.pngDealer ico.pngGarage ico.png
106 86 IS5 I-5Los Angeles, Redding I-5 exit 522
Truckee 175 -- Truckee Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.png
186 -- Weigh Station Weigh Station ico.png Westbound only


Location mi km Exit Destinations Facilities Notes
227 -- Truck Stop Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.png
Reno 236 -- Reno Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.pngDealer ico.png
243 15 IS580US395 I-580 / US 395 South – Carson City
US395 US 395 North – Susanville
Parking ico.pngService.pngDealer ico.png I-580 and US 395 exits 68 A–B
250 -- Reno
287 -- Weigh Station Weigh Station ico.png Eastbound only
Winnemucca 423 -- Winnemucca Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.png Access to US 95 North
Battle Mountain 443 -- Nv 305 shield.png SR 305 South – Tonopah Gas ico.png
Elko 523 301 NV225 SR 225Elko Downtown, Boise Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngGarage ico.png
527 303 Elko East Parking ico.pngService.pngDealer ico.png
542 ---- Weigh Station Weigh Station ico.png
Wells 562 352 US93 US 93 – East Wells, Ely, Twin Falls Gas ico.pngParking ico.png East terminus in base game
West end of US 93 Alt. concurrency
West Wendover 628 410 USALT93 US 93 Alt. South – West Wendover, Ely Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.png East end of US 93 Alt. concurrency


Location mi km Exit Destinations Facilities Notes
650 -- Port of Entry
The Bonneville Salt Flats
Viewpoint ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.png Eastbound only
Salt Lake City 718 104 UT202 SR-202 - Saltair Dr.
729 113 UT172 SR-172 - 5600 West Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.pngWeigh Station ico.pngDealer ico.pngRecruitment ico.pngGarage ico.png
733 120 IS15 I-15 North - Ogden Eastbound TOTSO
West end of I-15 concurrency
737 121 UT269 SR-269 East - 600 South Eastbound only
749 123 A UT201 SR-201 West - West Valley Westbound only
752 123 B IS15 I-15 South - Las Vegas Westbound TOTSO
East end of I-15 concurrency
Silver Summit 770 146 US40US189 US 40 East / US 189 South - Heber City, Provo, Vernal West end of US 189 concurrency
784 -- Rest Area
790 168 IS84 I-84 West - Ogden
-- Port of Entry Weigh Station ico.png Westbound only


Location mi km Exit Destinations Facilities Notes
-- Port of Entry Weigh Station ico.png Eastbound only
Evanston 3 BU80USBUS189WY89 I-80 BL / US 287 Bus. East to WYO 89 – Harrison Drive Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.pngGarage ico.png
6 BU80USBUS189WY89 I-80 BL / US 287 Bus. West to WYO 89 – Bear River Dr Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.pngService.png East end of US 189 concurrency
66 US30 US 30 West – Kemmerer, Pocatello West end of US 30 concurrency
Little America 68 Little America Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.pngService.png Access to NAMIQ depot
Rock Springs 99 US191 US 191 South – E Flaming Gorge Rd Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.pngDealer ico.png West end of US 191 concurrency
102 BU80USBUS30 I-80 BL / US 30 Bus. East – Dewar Drive Access to Wallbert depot
104 US191 US 191 North – Elk Street Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngRecruitment ico.png East end of US 191 concurrency
Creston Junction 187 WY789 WYO 789 South – Creston Junction, Baggs West end of WYO 789 concurrency
Rawlins 209 Johnson Rd Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.pngService.png
211 BU80WY789US287 I-80 BL East / WYO 789 North to US 287 – Spruce Street East end of WYO 789 concurrency
215 BU80US287WY789 I-80 BL West / US 287 North to WYO 789 – Cedar Street West end of US 287 concurrency
Sinclair 221 Sinclair Gas ico.png East end of US 30 / US 287 concurrency
Laramie 310 BU80US30US287 I-80 BL East to US 30 / US 287 – Curtis Street Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.pngService.png
316 BU80US30 I-80 BL West / US 30 West – Grand Ave West end of US 30 concurrency
323 WY210 WYO 210 – Happy Jack Road Parking ico.png
Cheyenne 357 BU80US30WY222 I-80 BL East / US 30 East / WYO 222 North – Roundtop Rd Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.png East end of US 30 concurrency
359 A, C IS25US87 I-25 / US 87Fort Collins, Casper
362 IS180US85 I-180 / US 85 – Central Ave, Greeley Viewpoint ico.pngParking ico.pngService.pngDealer ico.png East terminus in game
IS80 Interstate 80 continues east inaccessibly

Business Routes[]

Interstate 80 Business Loop shield

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Interstate 80 has business routes in 5 cities:



I-80 Bus. - Evanston, WY

Us 189 Bu shield.png

Interstate 80 Business and US 189 Business are business loops that run through Evanston. The highway begins at exit 3 of I-80 and US 189; the ramp from westbound I-80 to the business route lies east of the other three ramps of the diamond interchange. The business routes heads east along Harrison Drive, which veers northeast onto 11th Street at the western edge of the city street grid. In the downtown area, I-80 Bus. turns southeast onto Front Street. At the intersection of Front Street and Sixth Street, which is the northern terminus of WYO 150 and the southern terminus of WYO 89, the business route turns north and crosses a rail line. The highway turns east onto Bear River Drive and follows that road until it rejoins with I-80 at exit 6.

Major intersections and facilities[]

Rock Springs[]

I-80 Bus. - Rock Springs, WY

Us 30 Bu shield.png

Interstate 80 Business and US 30 Business are business loops that run through Rock Springs. The highway follows the entirety of Dewar Drive from exit 102 of I-80 to its eastern terminus with Elk Street and A Street.

Major intersections and facilities[]


I-80 Bus. - Rawlins, WY

Us 30 Bu shield.png

Interstate 80 Business and US 30 Business are business loops that run through Rawlins. The highway begins at I-80 Exit 211 on the western edge of the city and heads east concurrently with WYO 789 along Spruce Street. In downtown Rawlins, at the intersection of Spruce Street and Third Street, the business route turns south onto Third Street, WYO 789 turns north onto Third Street, and the business route begins to run concurrently with US 287. I-80 Bus. and US 287 then turn east onto Cedar Street. The highways meets the southern end of US 287 Bypass (Higley Boulevard) shortly before reaching its eastern end at I-80 Exit 215. Within the trumpet interchange on the south side of I-80, the interchange ramps meet the western end of WYO 76, which heads east toward Sinclair.

Major intersections and facilities[]


I-80 Bus. - Laramie, WY

Interstate 80 Business is a business loop that runs through Laramie. I-80 Bus. begins at I-80 Exit 310 and heads east along Curtis Street. The business route turns south onto Third Street, along which the highway runs concurrently with US 30 and US 287. In downtown Laramie, I-80 Bus. and US 30 turn east onto Grand Avenue. The highway curves southeast and leaves the city of Laramie just north of its end at the trumpet interchange of I-80 Exit 316.

Major intersections and facilities[]


I-80 Bus. - Cheyenne, WY

Interstate 80 Business is a business loop that runs through Cheyenne. The highway begins at the northern terminus of WYO 222, which is located north of I-80 Exit 357, and follows West Lincolnway to downtown. The business route ends at US 85, I-25 Bus., and the northern end of I-180.

Major intersections and facilities[]


Map of Interstate 80 in the San Francisco Bay Area in the initial version of the game.

  • In update 1.5, which changed the map scale from 1:35 to 1:20, the section of Interstate 80 from Oakland to SR 37 was added. Between Sacramento and Wells, new sections, including Donner Pass, were added to the existing route to accommodate the new map scale. In Reno, the diamond interchange with Interstate 580 and US 395 was changed to a "Spaghetti Bowl" junction.
  • In update 1.32, the diamond interchange with Reed Avenue in Sacramento was changed to a folded diamond interchange, and the cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 5 was changed to a cloverstack interchange.

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