"Hungary is a popular tourist destination. Its capital Budapest offers a number of historical buildings, baths and parks and is considered a financial hub. Hungary covers an area of 93,030 square km and it has 70,050 km of paved roads, including 1515 km of motorways."
— Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website

Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarország) is a country in Central Europe, that's only available with the Euro Truck Simulator 2: Going East DLC, in which Hungary is the only newly included country.

Hungary borders with Slovakia to the north, Austria to the west, Slovenia to the southwest, Croatia and Serbia to the south, Romania to the east and Ukraine to the northeast.

Accessible Cities Edit

There are four Hungarian cities featured in ETS 2:

City Name Image Remarks
Budapest Ets2 00039 Capital
Debrecen Debrecen View
Pécs Pecs View Added in update 1.19
Szeged Szeged View Added in update 1.19

When the Going East DLC was first released, only Budapest and Debrecen were included. SCS released Pécs and Szeged at the v1.19 update.

Another Hungarian city, Miskolc, is more populous than Pécs, but it isn't featured in the game, probably due to its proximity to Debrecen and Košice, Slovakia.

Roads Edit

Ten Hungarian Motorways (Autópálya) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

M0 M1 M3 M5 M6
Hungary M0 icon
Budapest ring
Hungary M1 icon
Budapest - Wien (A)
Hungary M3 icon
Budapest - Debrecen
Hungary M5 icon
Budapest - Szeged
Hungary M6 icon
Budapest - Pécs
M7 M15 M30 M35 M60
Hungary M7 icon
Budapest - Croatia
Hungary M15 icon
M1 - Bratislava (SK)
Hungary M30 icon
M3 - Košice (SK)
Hungary M35 icon
Debrecen ring
Hungary M60 icon
Pécs spur

In addition, three "National roads" are also featured:

Road 8 Road 47 Road 55
Hungary Road 8 icon
M7 - Graz (A)
Hungary Road 47 icon
Debrecen - Szeged
Hungary Road 55 icon
Szeged - M6

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