Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. It is featured in the Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion. It features ferry connections to Travemünde, Germany and Tallinn, Estonia.

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It has a few landmarks like the Western Terminal 2, the PwC Finland and the Sitra Management Ltd.

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Helsinki is split on many parts around its ring:

The city center features a large ferry terminal with a Polaris Lines depot and a rest stop.

The eastern part features an Ateria AS depot, an Container Port and a Marina. Further east in the V7 there's a International Baltic Petroleum refinery.

The northwest part (Espoo) features an IKA Bohag store and a Sininen Aurinko Logistiikka depot, a garage, a gas station, a large Iveco truck dealer and a recruitment agency.

The western part features an Maatila Egres farm and a Renat depot.

At the north in the V3 (Vantaa), there's an airport with an AeroBaltica depot. At the V4 there's an Vanha Kivi quarry.

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Helsinki is almost surrounded by the K50. Many highways originate from this ring:

  • The V1 runs from Espoo towards Turku.
  • The V3 runs north towards Tampere.
  • The V4 runs north towards Lahti.
  • The V7 runs east towards Kotka.
  • The K51 connects the city center with the K50 and the K52.
  • The K52 runs from the K51 to the V1.

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