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 Note: This page contains only information about Hamburg in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Hamburg is a major city in northern Germany. featured in German Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Hamburg has been reworked in the 1.32 update.[1]

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Hamburg's large harbour can be seen, but it's inaccessible to truckers, and offers neither ferry service nor trucking opportunity. Other landmarks in Hamburg are the Astraturm, the Atlantic-Haus, the Empire Riverside Hotel, the Heinrich Hertz Tower and the St. Michael's Church.

Features Edit

The three depots in the city belong to LKW, Sanbuilders and Transinet respectively.

There is a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, a service shop, and a small Iveco truck dealer in Hamburg.

Connections Edit

Three Bundesautobahnen serve Hamburg:

  • A1 runs southwest-northeast and links Hamburg to cities like Osnabrück, Bremen and Rostock.
  • A7 runs north-south and links Hamburg to Kiel, Hannover, as well as Denmark. (In fact, in-game signs for "Hamborg" can be seen near Danish cities Esbjerg and Odense)
  • A24 continues from the A1 to the east of Hamburg, and runs east-southeast towards Berlin.

Since the rework Hamburg is only accessible via one entrance from the A1. Before. there were two entrances one coming from the A1 and the other from A7.

In addition, a minor road runs off from southern entrance of Hamburg and heads for Magdeburg.

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  • Hamburg is one of the more extensively reworked cities during the 1.32 update. The main changes include:
    • The accessible part of the city is rotated about 60° anticlockwise.
    • Both the eastern and southern access roads are shut off beyond the hotel. Instead, the wide road west of the truck dealer and Sanbuilders site is extended. This only access to Hamburg meets the minor road to Magdeburg at the interchange with A1.
    • The city is moved from the west of A7 to the east of it, better reflecting real geography.
    • The crossing between A1 and A7 near Hamburg is converted from two trumpets to one cloverleaf; Nevertheless, Bundesautobahns 39, the road spanning the cloverleaf in real-life, is omitted as it doesn't contribute to any useful connections in-game.
    • The interchange between A1 and A24 east of Hamburg is also rationalized. In general, A1 near Hamburg is upgraded into a continuous highway to better reflect the real-life road.
    • The A7 crosses the Elbe west of Hamburg in tunnel instead of bridge, to reflect real-life better. A junction is also present north of the tunnel, possibly to connect a northern district of Hamburg, although it is inaccessible to truckers.
  • The following twin-cities of Hamburg are also featured in one or more SCS Software games:

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