Graz is a city in southern Austria. It was one of the cities to be added in update 1.11.1 together with Klagenfurt am Wörthersee and Venezia. Salzburg and Linz can be accessed by travelling up the A9.

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The only known landmarks of Graz which are present in the game are the Elisabethhochhaus and the Schloßberg.

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FCP, Posped and LKW have depots in the city, and a TREE-ET mill is just outside the city to the east.

Facilities present in Graz include a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, a service shop and a small Volvo truck dealer.

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A2 and A9 intersect near Graz. As a result, there are three directions that truckers can go:

No minor road directly connects Graz to other cities, although a minor road from Pécs terminates at the A2 slightly to the east.

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