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German Truck Simulator (GTS) is a SCS Software truck simulator game focusing in Germany (and, with a later expansion, Austria).

In the game, the player must choose a "starting point" city to start his / her career (the choices are preset in-game, see "Cities" section below), and assumes the role of a virtual haulage company employee.

By transporting cargo (up to 60 different types), the player can visit 18 major German cities. Ultimately, players have the option to purchase their own truck, and drive as an independent driver, choosing their cargo and delivery locations.

An expansion, Edition Austria, was released in August 2010. 4 cities in Austria were added to the game, with two of them available as starting points.


Map of German Truck Simulator, with Edition Austria loaded

City Name Country Starting Position?
Berlin Germany No
Bremen Germany No
Dortmund Germany Yes
Dresden Germany No
Duisburg Germany No
Düsseldorf Germany No
Erfurt Germany No
Frankfurt am Main Germany No
Hamburg Germany No
Hannover Germany No
Innsbruck Austria No
Kiel Germany No
Köln Germany No
Leipzig Germany No
Linz Austria No
Magdeburg Germany No
München Germany No
Nürnberg Germany Yes
Rostock Germany Yes
Salzburg Austria Yes
Stuttgart Germany No
Wien Austria Yes


3 new trucks added, with MAN officially grants license to SCS for designing their vehicles in-game, while aliases are used for other truck brands.

Name Truck Model IGN (In-Game)
Iveco Stralis Ivedo
Mercedes-Benz Actros Majestic
Renault Magnum Runner
Scania R 2009 Swift
Volvo FH16 2009 Valiant


  • The interface and physics of German Truck Simulator is similar to the earlier truck simulation game by SCS, Euro Truck Simulator.
  • The game map of German Truck Simulator is the basis of Germany and Austria in Euro Truck Simulator 2 game map at its initial release, but most of this has since been updated. Refer to the two countries' respective pages for further details.

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