Genève is the second most populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich), although looks like it is in France on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map.

The city is located at the south-western end of Lake Geneva, where the lake flows back into the Rhône. It is surrounded by two mountain chains, the Alps and the Jura.

Features Edit

There are an Tradeaux, a SellPlan and a Posped depot in the city centre of Genève. Up North of the city, along the minor road to Dijon, truckers can find a TREE-ET sawmill.

In addition, there is a large Mercedes-Benz truck dealer with a service shop, but one can find there also a recruitment agency, a Garage and a Hotel

Connections Edit

Genève is only connected with one Highway: The A1, which runs towards Bern in East and crosses the French border towars Lyon or Torino (Italy) in West. A minor road also connects Genève with Lyon. Another minor road, where one can also find the TREE-ET sawmill, runs towards Dijon.

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