Garages are a type of facility that can be found in almost every city in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and in some of the larger cities in American Truck Simulator. They can be bought for €180,000/£144,000 in ETS2 and $180,000 in ATS and always include a rest stop. The headquarters of your company is a garage in your chosen city that can't be changed anymore. All garages have the same model in the original map and in the Going East!, but in Scandinavia, Vive la France!, Italia and Beyond the Baltic Sea, they are different.

Upgrades and Costs Edit

Your first garage is set as your headquarters. This garage can only store one truck.

All subsequent garages that are bought start as a small garage with storage for three trucks. They can be bought for €180,000/£144,000 in ETS2 and $180,000 in ATS. All purchased garages can be used for resting, refuelling (large garages only) and also as the destination point for Quick Travelling.

The upgrade from one truck to three trucks has an advantage: you can have more trucks so you can hire new NPC drivers from the Recruitment Agency to work for you. However, the upgrade costs €180,000/£144,000 in ETS2 and $180,000 in ATS.

The next garage upgrade allows up to five trucks to be stored. Apart from the two more truck slots, a fuel pump will be added. The diesel price at this pump will cost 15% less, compared to the regular price in country. The price for this upgrade is significantly less, only €100,000/£80,000 in ETS2 $100,000 in ATS.

Locations Edit

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

Every city in ETS2 has a garage except dedicated ones like seaports and nuclear power plant locations. These have their names written slightly smaller on the map.

Base game Scandinavia France Italy Beyond the Baltic Sea
Travemünde Esbjerg Bourges Cassino Kunda
Frederikshavn Civaux Parma Loviisa
Gedser Golfech Suzzara Mažeikiai
Hirtshals Paluel Terni Naantali
Kapellskär Roscoff Villa San Giovanni Narva
Nynäshamn Saint-Alban-du-Rhône Olkiluoto
Södertälje Saint-Laurent Paldiski
Trelleborg Sosnovy Bor

American Truck Simulator Edit

Arizona California Nevada New Mexico Oregon Washington
Flagstaff Bakersfield Carson City Albuquerque Bend Kennewick
Phoenix Fresno Elko Farmington Eugene Olympia
Tucson Los Angeles Las Vegas Las Cruces Medford Seattle
Yuma Redding Reno Roswell Ontario Spokane
Sacramento Santa Fe Portland Wenatchee
San Diego Salem
San Francisco

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