"It must have been a GPS error! You took a wrong turn and now there is no way to extricate yourself out of this but to pass through the little village ahead. Find a way back to the main road to continue your delivery."

GPS Problem is a challenge in Dangerous Drives in Scania Truck Driving Simulator.

Challenge Edit

In this challenge, the driver is required to haul a trailer through a curvy road with multiple tight bends.

Failing the Challenge Edit

It is possible to fail the level by losing its trailer.

World Records Edit

Position Username Country Time Established
1 PiotrMista PL 1:37.37 19.03.2013 15:47:33 UTC
2 zerpou FR 1:39.26 24.07.2012 13:00:43 UTC
3 TYZX999 Sw-templ 1:39.28 08.07.2013 13:06:39 UTC
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