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Göteborg (English: Gothenburg) is a large city in western Sweden (in fact, it is the second-largest Swedish city after Stockholm). It's introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia.


While most Scandinavian cities have a large footprint, Göteborg stands out in both area and number of facilities. There are two main sectors in Göteborg in the game map, with another two companies' depots outside the city but still considered to be Göteborg depots in-game.

  • The city centre is next to the E6, houses and several trucking facilities, including a garage, a gas station, a hotel, and a large Volvo truck dealer (with truck servicing point). BHV and Norrsken have depots in the city centre, and the Volvo truck dealer also accepts Volvo trucks from the nearby factory. However, only Norrsken provides cargo for truckers to haul.
  • Göteborg harbour is on the west side of the city. Truckers have to drive on a section of E6 as well as a part of un-numbered major road to access this part of the city. This sector itself is divided by the Göta älv river, bridged by the Älvsborgsbron. Polaris Lines has a depot next to the ferry terminal; while NS Oil, Polar Fish, Volvo and VPC all have depots or factories to the north of the river.
  • A Sag & Tre mill is situated near the E20 to the east of the city.
  • An Agronord farm is situated to the north of the city. A gas station is also present near the farm. (The farm's location is in fact part of the Uddevalla Municipality in real-life)
  • Delivering truck (cargo) for Volvo.


Two Euroroutes explicitly signed as connecting Göteborg in the game, with another implicitly referred as ending in the city.

  • The E6 runs north-south across the city. To the north the highway crosses the Norwegian-Swedish border and heads for Oslo, the Norwegian capital, while to the south the route passes Helsingborg and Malmö before reaching the port of Trelleborg.
  • The E20 comes from Stockholm and Örebro in the northeast. The route follows the E6 south of the city until Malmö, where the E20 continues west into Denmark.
  • Polaris Lines operates a ferry service to Frederikshavn in Denmark. Sign in Frederikshavn indicate that the ferry line is part of the E45. While in real-life the route continues north from Göteborg, in ETS 2 no trace of E45 is found beyond the city.

Apart from the Euroroutes, an unnumbered major road (Swedish national road 40 in real-life) goes east from Göteborg and heads towards Jönköping, where it meets the E4.



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