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Frederikshavn is a seaport town in northeast Denmark, introduced in the Scandinavia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.


Its main purpose is to provide ferry service for truckers to access Göteborg and Oslo. As such, only Polaris Lines, the in-game ferry service provider, has a depot in the town.

Meanwhile, there are several facilities in Frederikshavn for truckers, including a gas station (with rest area), a hotel, and a service shop.


The only on-land connection to Frederikshavn is the E45 (it actually includes the ferry to Göteborg).

Truckers going south should turn left on the next junction in order to follow the Euroroute. Keeping along the road would make truckers end up in Esbjerg. At the same junction, the E39 goes north to Hirtshals, where ferries are available to Norwegian cities Bergen, Kristiansand and Stavanger.


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