ATS Forest Machinery DLC

The Forest Machinery is a DLC for American Truck Simulator. The DLC was added as an under the hood extension with the launch of the Washington map expansion on June 11, 2019 and is also included in the West Coast Bundle.

Features Edit

The DLC adds six new heavy loads of logging machinery and two new trailers. In addition, drivers can customize their trucks with three new accessories.

Cargoes Edit

Towed Forest Machinery

Name Image
Forwarder (20 t / 44092 lb)
ATS Forwarder
Log Harvester (22 t / 48501 lb)
ATS Log Harvester
Log Loader (48 t / 105821 lb)
ATS Log Loader
Log Stacker (54 t / 119049 lb)
ATS Log Stacker
Mulcher (15 t / 33069 lb)
ATS Mulcher
Stumper (18 t / 39683 lb)
ATS Stumper

Specialized Trailers

Name Image
Tub Grinder (27 t / 59524 lb)
ATS Tub Grinder
Knuckleboom Loader (14 t / 30864 lb)
ATS Knuckleboom Loader

Truck Accessories Edit

Name Image
ATS Chainsaw
Headache Rack Standard
ATS Headache Rack Standard
Headache Rack Exclusive
ATS Headache Rack Exclusive

Achievements Edit

Main article: American Truck Simulator Achievements#Achievements Requiring DLC

2 new Steam achievements for the Forest Machinery have been added on June 17, 2019.

Icon Name Description
ATS Achievement Logged In Logged-In Complete delivery of all Forest Machinery DLC cargoes
ATS Achievement Leave No Branch Behind Leave No Branch Behind! Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) of at least 3 Forest Machinery DLC jobs

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