In-game fines are penalties incurred for dangerous actions while driving. They can be charged from 100 to 550 euros, but they shouldn't be economy-shaking. However, drivers should still try to avoid such infractions, as the cost can quickly add up. Occasionally drivers may get fined for various offences at once.

Offences Edit

Offence Symbol Offence Description Amount in ETS2 (€) Amount in ATS ($)
Fine Wrong Way
Wrong Way 100 250
Fine Head Light
No Lights 150 250
Fine Sleepy Driver
Not resting 150 200
Fine Red Light
Running a red light 350 700,

1400 If caught by cop

Fine Car Crash
Colliding with car 400,

800 If caught by cop


1800 If caught by cop

Fine Speed Camera
Speeding 550,

1100 If caught by cop


1000 If caught by cop

Fine Avoid Weighing

Failed to stop at weigh station

--- 700,

1400 If caught by cop

Fine Illegal Trailer

Illegal Trailer

(ATS only)

--- 1000

Wrong Way Edit

Driving in opposite lane will be fined as a "Wrong Way Offence".

Note that different countries have either left-handed or right-handed traffic. Only the United Kingdom drives on left-hand side while rest drive on the right-hand side.

No Lights Edit

It is advised to turn on lights during night, during rain, and when driving in a tunnel as neglecting to do so will be fined as a "No Lights Offence". It is also very important to press L twice, as pressing it once will only activate the parking lights.

In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, there is a mandatory rule which all vehicles must turn on lights during daytime.

Not Resting Edit

Usually, beginner drivers can drive for 10 hours before suffering fatigue, but this can be extended by upgrading "Long distance" skill.

Drivers can rest at a gas station or resting area along the highway. Drivers can also rest at every border between countries, during ferry rides, and at hotels in every city.

Neglecting to rest will result in your fatigue level increasing and a 150 euro fine. Full fatigue will cause the screen to blacken for a second and it will occur repeatedly, causing reduced visibility and a greater chance of hitting traffic or objects, which can cause damage to your truck, and possible collision fines.

Running a red light Edit

Traffic lights can be found in every city. They can also occur at every road works area and level crossing. Failing to stop at a red light may result in a traffic signal fine.

Attempting to bypass tolls gates without paying may result in this fine.

In American Truck Simulator, right turning at a red light is legal and does not incur any fines.

Colliding traffic Edit

Colliding with another car/truck will result in a traffic jam. This is most critical on one-lane roads. Drivers' trucks will receive damage and a fine will be given. The tables may turn and the AI may crash into you but you can still get fined.

Speeding Edit

Some areas of the game have speed cameras, which are indicated by a sign with a camera on it or a sign in that country's language informing drivers of speed cameras ahead. Some cameras are fixed on a large metal bar that hangs across multiple lanes of traffic over a highway, some cameras are the round ball attached to traffic lights or to light poles, while some are small boxes mounted on the side of the road.

Driving past a speed camera or a police car by exceeding the speed limit for 5 km/h or more will result in a fine.

Failed to stop at weigh station Edit

Drivers should stop at weigh station for the weight inspection unless the station allows the driver to bypass. The message will appear on Route Advisor whether the driver should stop or continue to drive without stopping by. Failure to stop at a weigh station when you have a red light is called "Flying the Coop" and you can get a $600 fine with $700 added for second offence and $1400 if you get stopped by a state trooper.

Illegal Trailer Edit

When drivers run into the entrances of Yosemite (CA 120), they get a message saying "Commercial trucking is prohibited in this area. You have to turn around and go back!". Because of that, drivers are not allowed to have trailers with them. There is also a sign that says "VEHICLES OVER 45 FEET PROHIBITED" at the west end of Yosemite. They would either pay the toll regularly (unless the driver doesn't have a trailer attached), or get fined with a $1,000 ticket.

If they don't turn around on CA 120 in Yosemite, they will get fined.

Trivia Edit

  • The driver does not rest in the Channel Tunnels.
  • If you don't want get these fines, you can disable it by unchecking "Traffic Offence" in the gameplay settings.
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