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"You have already been delayed, and if you want to catch the ferry, you cannot afford to lose any more time. There seems to be no end to complications - so little room to manoeuvre the trailer! Make sure you don't damage any of the cars you are delivering."

Ferry is a challenge in Dangerous Drives in Scania Truck Driving Simulator.

Challenge Edit

In this challenge, the driver is required to take the ferry located over the dock B3, but to do so, the player has to find a place to turn around in the dock full of parked cars, containers and pallets. The mission is completed once the player entered the ferry.

Failing the Challenge Edit

It is possible to fail the level by losing its trailer, or by falling in the sea.

World Records Edit

Position Username Country Time Established
1 PiotrMista PL 0:30.16 20.04.2014 20:09:59 UTC
2 Szafa_JP PL 0:30.24 12.12.2014 23:15:01 UTC
3 tabulius FI 0:30.38 18.04.2014 15:44:19 UTC
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