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Old Truck Dealer (Before 1.38)

New Truck Dealer (After 1.38)

Truck Dealers (also known as dealerships) are facilities in Euro Truck Simulator 2, where the player can purchase new trucks. They appear on the map with a question mark icon (same icon as recruitment agencies) until the player discovers them by driving past them, after which they will appear with this icon: link={{{1}}}. Afterwards, the manufacturer the dealership belongs to will be visible in the 'Truck Dealer' menu.

Each dealership has two facility sizes: larger ones and smaller ones, but they act in the same way as the player can purchase and customize the truck they want to drive. Both types are open from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The only difference (besides the size of the area) is that larger dealerships also feature rest stops (Parking ico.png) and service shops (Service.png) open 24/7 for the player to repair and upgrade their truck. At the moment, there are 114 dealerships in Euro Truck Simulator 2, 54 being Large Dealerships and 60 being Small Dealerships.

Upon purchasing five trucks, the ability to purchase trucks online (from the main menu) is unlocked.

Dealerships Locations[]

Brand Country City Size
DAF 900px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Austria Salzburg Small
DAF EE.png Estonia Tartu Small
DAF FR.png France Bordeaux Large
DAF D.png Germany Bremen Small
DAF D.png Germany Leipzig Small
DAF IT.png Italy Catania Large
DAF NL.png Netherlands Amsterdam Large
DAF 800px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Bergen Small
DAF Romanian.png Romania Iași Small
DAF RU.png Russia Saint Petersburg Large
DAF ES.png Spain Burgos Small
DAF ES.png Spain Sevilla Large
DAF CH.png Switzerland Zürich Small
DAF GB.png United Kingdom Cardiff Small
DAF GB.png United Kingdom Glasgow Large
Iveco 900px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Austria Wien Large
Iveco Flag of Belgium.svg.png Belgium Brussels Small
Iveco DK.png Denmark København Large
Iveco FI.png Finland Helsinki Large
Iveco FR.png France Le Mans Large
Iveco D.png Germany Frankfurt am Main Large
Iveco D.png Germany Hamburg Small
Iveco IT.png Italy Roma Large
Iveco IT.png Italy Torino Small
Iveco LT.png Lithuania Klaipėda Small
Iveco Romanian.png Romania București Large
Iveco Romanian.png Romania Constanța Small
Iveco Romanian.png Romania Galați Small
Iveco ES.png Spain Almería Small
Iveco ES.png Spain Gijón Small
Iveco ES.png Spain Zaragoza Large
Iveco GB.png United Kingdom Grimsby Small
MAN FR.png France Ajaccio Small
MAN FR.png France Calais Small
MAN FR.png France Marseille Large
MAN D.png Germany Berlin Large
MAN D.png Germany Dortmund Small
MAN D.png Germany München Large
MAN IT.png Italy Taranto Small
MAN LV.png Latvia Rīga Large
MAN PL.png Poland Kraków Small
MAN Flag of Portugal.svg.png Portugal Porto Large
MAN Romanian.png Romania Cluj-Napoca Large
MAN ES.png Spain Córdoba Small
MAN ES.png Spain Madrid Large
MAN Sw-templ.png Sweden Linköping Small
MAN CH.png Switzerland Bern Small
MAN GB.png United Kingdom Birmingham Small
MAN GB.png United Kingdom Edinburgh Small
Mercedes-Benz FR.png France Nantes Small
Mercedes-Benz D.png Germany Stuttgart Large
Mercedes-Benz IT.png Italy Bologna Small
Mercedes-Benz IT.png Italy Sassari Large
Mercedes-Benz NL.png Netherlands Rotterdam Small
Mercedes-Benz PL.png Poland Szczecin Small
Mercedes-Benz PL.png Poland Warszawa Large
Mercedes-Benz RU.png Russia Kaliningrad Small
Mercedes-Benz Flag of Slovakia.svg.png Slovakia Bratislava Small
Mercedes-Benz ES.png Spain Badajoz Large
Mercedes-Benz ES.png Spain Valladolid Large
Mercedes-Benz Sw-templ.png Sweden Kalmar Small
Mercedes-Benz CH.png Switzerland Genève Large
Mercedes-Benz Turkish.png Turkey İstanbul Large
Mercedes-Benz GB.png United Kingdom Newcastle-upon-Tyne Small
Mercedes-Benz GB.png United Kingdom Plymouth Small
Renault Trucks Bulgarian flag.png Bulgaria Sofia Large
Renault Trucks Flag of the Czech Republic.svg.png Czech Republic Praha Large
Renault Trucks FR.png France Bourges Small
Renault Trucks FR.png France Lyon Large[1]
Renault Trucks FR.png France Paris Large
Renault Trucks FR.png France Toulouse Large
Renault Trucks D.png Germany Düsseldorf Small
Renault Trucks D.png Germany Rostock Small
Renault Trucks HU Templ.png Hungary Budapest Large
Renault Trucks HU Templ.png Hungary Szeged Small
Renault Trucks IT.png Italy Palermo Small
Renault Trucks LT.png Lithuania Kaunas Small
Renault Trucks 800px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Oslo Small
Renault Trucks ES.png Spain Barcelona Large
Renault Trucks ES.png Spain León Large
Renault Trucks GB.png United Kingdom Felixstowe Small
Scania EE.png Estonia Tallinn Large
Scania FI.png Finland Lahti Small
Scania FR.png France Bayonne Small
Scania FR.png France Brest Small
Scania FR.png France Lille Small
Scania FR.png France Strasbourg Small
Scania D.png Germany Dresden Small
Scania D.png Germany Hannover Large
Scania IT.png Italy Cagliari Small
Scania IT.png Italy Firenze Large
Scania IT.png Italy Milano Large
Scania PL.png Poland Gdańsk Small
Scania Flag of Portugal.svg.png Portugal Lisboa Large
Scania Romanian.png Romania Pitești Large
Scania Sw-templ.png Sweden Stockholm Large
Scania GB.png United Kingdom Aberdeen Small
Scania GB.png United Kingdom Manchester Large
Volvo 900px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Austria Graz Small
Volvo Bulgarian flag.png Bulgaria Plovdiv Large
Volvo FI.png Finland Turku Small
Volvo FR.png France Limoges Large
Volvo D.png Germany Nürnberg Small
Volvo D.png Germany Osnabrück Small
Volvo IT.png Italy Napoli Large
Volvo IT.png Italy Verona Small
Volvo LT.png Lithuania Vilnius Large
Volvo Flag of Luxembourg 20px.svg Luxembourg Luxembourg Large
Volvo PL.png Poland Wrocław Small
Volvo Romanian.png Romania Brașov Large
Volvo ES.png Spain Albacete Large
Volvo ES.png Spain Málaga Large
Volvo Sw-templ.png Sweden Göteborg Large
Volvo GB.png United Kingdom London Large


  1. The dealership in Lyon was originally a small one. With the reskin brought in version 1.43 update, it's merged with the city's service shop to become a large dealership.

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