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In Euro Truck Simulator 2, Long Combination Vehicles (LCV), or simply Doubles, are configurations of trailers requiring two or more trailers to be added to the truck to lengthen the size of the load and challenge the driver's skills. These types of trailers were announced on May 5, 2017[1], and were added in update 1.28.[2][3]

With the release of the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC, HCT trailers were added to the game and is available only in Finland.[4]


There are three available configurations in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

Type Image Trailers Parts
Double B-Double trailer.png 2 (Semi-Trailer + Center axle Trailer) 2
B-Double Double trailer.png 2 (Semi-Trailer with 5th wheel + Semi-Trailer) 2
HCT (High Capacity Transport) HCT trailer.png 2 (Semi-Trailer + Dolly + Semi-Trailer) 3



The table below shows all the accessible countries in Euro Truck Simulator 2, where LCV is allowed, and what trailers can be taken in.

Country Double B-Double HCT
DK.png Denmark Legal Legal Illegal
FI.png Finland Legal Legal Legal
D.png Germany Legal Legal Illegal
NL.png Netherlands Legal Legal Illegal
800px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Legal Legal Illegal
Flag of Portugal.svg.png Portugal Legal Legal Illegal
ES.png Spain Legal Legal Illegal
Sw-templ.png Sweden Legal Legal Illegal


The table below shows all the accessible countries that do not allow any long combination vehicles. If you fail to obey the restriction, you will get an Illegal Trailer ticket in some countries:

Country Ticketed?
900px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Austria No
Flag of Belgium.svg.png Belgium No
Bulgarian flag.png Bulgaria No
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg.png Czech Republic No
EE.png Estonia No
FR.png France No
HU Templ.png Hungary No
IT.png Italy No
Flag of Luxembourg 20px.svg Luxembourg No
LV.png Latvia No
LT.png Lithuania No
PL.png Poland No
Romanian.png Romania Yes (Border crossing near Craiova only)
RU.png Russia No
Flag of Slovakia.svg.png Slovakia No
ES.png Spain No
CH.png Switzerland No
Turkish.png Turkey Yes
GB.png United Kingdom No


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