Esbjerg is a port city in Denmark, introduced to Euro Truck Simulator 2 through the Scandinavia map expansion. The port allows truckers to travel between the United Kingdom and Scandinavia directly, without the need to drive through central Europe.

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The city proper mainly consists of servicing facilities and the seaport. A gas station, a hotel and a service shop are in the city, but there's no garage.

The companies having depots in Esbjerg include:

  • Polaris Lines goods yard next to the ferry terminal
  • Container Port facilities on the other side of the ferry terminal entrance
  • Marina next to the Container Port
  • Vitas Power depot southeast of the city
  • Aria farm immediately to the north of the city proper
  • Agro Nord farm along the minor road north of the city
  • Konstnorr wind farm building site further north than the Agro Nord farm.

If counting the last two depots, Esbjerg effectively spans along a large portion of Danish west coast in-game.

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The E20 starts from the port of Esbjerg and goes east near Odense and København before entering Sweden and serving Malmö, Helsingborg, Göteborg, Örebro, Södertälje and Stockholm. Although some roads in the United Kingdom are also designated with the number, the two sections are not directly connected (not even by ferries) in real-life, and only Scandinavian countries exclusively number this Euroroute.

The E20 meets the E45 east of the city. That road runs north-south between Aalborg and Germany.

A minor road runs north of Esbjerg, directly connecting Frederikshavn. It's an alternative (to the E45) for truckers wishing to head for Aalborg, Hirtshals or Norway.

Ferries operated by Polaris Lines allow truckers to travel between Denmark and the United Kingdom. Hull is the English port where these ferries terminate.

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