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Arizona Edit

Easter egg Location Description Image
Truck Racing Circuit Tucson, near the Bitumen roadworks. The Truck Racing Circuit is a hidden location not visible on the game map. The location is a requirement for one of the game's achievements.
Tucson Raceway
Trucks Rule I-10 west of Phoenix. 'Trucks Rule' is a huge signage made of bushes. It can't be seen from the trucker's view.
Uncle Milan is watching you! Phoenix, in the canals An ominous sign that reads "Uncle Milan is watching you!" and other curious props deep in the canals of northwestern Phoenix. They are reached by roads blocked by traffic cones from North 34th Avenue and the junction of 35th Avenue and Thomas Road.
AZ Uncle Milan sign

California Edit

Easter egg Location Description Image
Bates Motel CA 58 between Barstow and Bakersfield. The Bates Motel features an abandoned Oasis Hotel with a large house looming over the hill. The house is based on the one from the 1960 film Psycho which mostly took place in California. Visiting the house at night, a silhouette of a person can be seen in the top left window. The site functions as a rest stop. A video can be seen here -
Ats 00053
2016-02-28 00006
Ice cream truck accident CA 111 There is a small unnamed town that has two blocked off crossroads. Three roads have standard X barriers, but one is a police car with cones blocking an accident. The accident is a SUV that T-boned an ice cream truck, which rolled.
20161218084722 1
Tugboat Duck CA 1 between Los Angeles and Carlsbad The Tugboat Duck appears as a massive yellow rubber duck being pulled around by a tugboat.
American Truck Simulator Easter Egg Hunt -2 Tugboat Duck

American Truck Simulator Easter Egg Hunt -2 Tugboat Duck

Nevada Edit

Easter egg Location Description Image
All your are belong to us Las Vegas Sign gives the message All your base are belong to us, a popular meme from the 2000s.
Truck stop ducks Scenery town of Mazany Creek on US 93 between Las Vegas and Pioche. By the nearby army base, on the south side of the truck stop, one can see three rubber ducks bobbing up and down behind a fence. This fictional town is possibly named after Václav Mazaný, a former employee of SCS Software. YouTube link.
Mazany Creek
UFOs NV 375, the 'Extraterrestrial Highway' The UFOs appear as two bright lights and can be seen at night. They do not make noise, and using a map editor it can be found that they are just lights, and not modeled objects.
American Truck Simulator UFO sighting

American Truck Simulator UFO sighting

New Mexico Edit

Easter egg Location Description Image
Giant Cars Vaughn, in a residential area. They are hinted by a sign in an inaccessible side street.
Vaughn Giants Sign
Vaughn Giants
UFO Center Roswell The UFO Center is a fictional building from the television show Roswell (1999 - 2002).
The Binding of Isaac Sign Sunshine Crops yard in Tucumcari The sign features the last part of the intro text of the video game The Binding of Isaac (2011)
Breaking Bad Van Nearby Albuquerque airport Walter White and Jesse used this van in the first seasons of the TV show Breaking Bad (2008-2013) to cook crystal meth
Walter White
Message from a developer Clovis, in a residential area A sign with a friendly message from a developer wishing the player well. It is located by a dirt track among the houses of a residential area in western Clovis.
NM Developer message sign

Oregon Edit

Easter egg Location Description Image
Gravity Falls Bend, in the scenery city of Terrebonne. A sign points down the road for the fictional town of Gravity Falls from the television show of the same name (2012 - 2016). Just down the road is another sign advertising the Mystery Shack, the main setting of Gravity Falls. Next to the advertisement is a water tower with graffiti of an explosion, also from the TV show (Episode Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls).

Washington Edit

Easter egg Location Description Image
Mechyas is LOL Vancouver, near Charged and Tidbit A New Mexico historic marker in Vancouver that simply reads "Mechyas is LOL". Mechyas is an SCS Software employee and LOL is an abbreviation of "laughing out loud" or "lots of laugh".
WA Mechyas sign

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