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This article comprises of a list of known Easter Eggs in American Truck Simulator. This article is free for public use, meaning you can add easter eggs you have found onto this article.


Easter egg Location Description Image
"0118 999 881 99 9119 7253" phone number Camp Verde On the west side of I-17 (across from the access road to Montezuma's Castle) in north of Camp Verde, there is an electronic sign advertising a realty company with the phone number "0118 999 881 999 119 7253". This is obviously a reference to the 2006 British sitcom, The IT Crowd.
Glen Canyon Monster Page In Glen Canyon, there is a hedge dinosaur that can be seen sticking out of the Colorado River, it is somewhat acting as a river monster, this can be visible from US 89.
Glen Canyon Monster.png
Trucks Rule Phoenix On the west of I-10 in Phoenix, there is a row of bushes that forms a huge signage that says 'Trucks Rule' when viewed from a certain height.
Uncle Milan is watching you! Phoenix In the canals of northwestern Phoenix, which can be reached by roads blocked by traffic cones from North 34th Avenue and the junction of 35th Avenue and Thomas Road, there is an ominous sign that reads "Uncle Milan is watching you!" featuring some curious props such as a cherry picker truck, a horse, an ice cream truck, a man in a hot dog costume, a dancing man, and two motorcycles. This is likely a reference to one of SCS Software employees, Milan Lukeš.
AZ Uncle Milan sign.png
Hidden roads in Sierra Vista Sierra Vista In Sierra Vista, there are a couple of unmarked roads can be seen around town.
Sierra Vista hidden road.png
Patrix Sierra Vista Similar to the 'Trucks Rule' easter egg, another row of bushes that forms a huge signage can be also found in Arizona, this time is in Sierra Vista, located next to the Coastline Mining quarry. The huge signage says 'Patrix' when viewed at a certain height. This is probably a reference to one of SCS Software employees, Patrik Rak.
Haunted cemetery Tucson Near the junction of AZ 77 and I-10 to the north of Tucson, there is a cemetery, which during night time, an odd light and two hovering workers appears surrounding the graveyard.
Haunted Graveyard.png
Truck Racing Circuit Tucson On the west of Tucson, near the Bitumen road construction site, there is a road blocked by traffic cones that leads to a hidden race track, which is not visible on the game map. The location is a requirement for one of the game's achievements, Start Your Engine!
Tucson Raceway.png
Hidden road in Yuma Yuma This unmarked road can be found at north of Eddy's supermarket in Yuma. The road is likely a leftover from the old layout of Yuma prior to the version 1.35.
Yuma Hidden Road.png


Easter egg Location Description Image
Ice cream truck accident SR 111 At SR 111, there is a small unnamed town that has two blocked crossroads. Three roads have standard X barriers, but one features a police car with cones blocking to what it appears to be a road accident, depicting an ice cream truck being T-boned by a car (randomly generated in-game), flipping over on its left side.
20161218084722 1.jpg
Bates Motel Bakersfield

(CA 58)

At CA 58 between Barstow and Bakersfield, there is an abandoned hotel called "Oasis Hotel" with a large house looming over the hill. The site functions as a rest stop. Attempting to visit the location at night, a silhouette of a person can be seen in the top left window. Video link.

The house is obviously based on the Bates Motel from the 1960 American physiological horror film, Psycho, which mostly took place in California.

Ats 00053.png
2016-02-28 00006.jpg
Patt Rick Premium Winery Carlsbad Another reference related to SCS Software employee, Patrik Rak can be found in a form of an electronic sign advertising Patt Rick Premium Winery in California. The sign is located at north of Carlsbad.
Patt Rick Winery.png
Hidden road in Freshwater Lagoon Eureka

(US 101)

This unmarked dirt road is located on the east side of US 101 in north of Eureka, near the Freshwater Lagoon. The road runs between the highway and the lagoon.
Freshwater Lagoon.png
Hidden road in Stone Lagoon Eureka

(US 101)

Similar to the first hidden road in Freshwater Lagoon, another hidden road can be also found at the same location as the first one, except it is located on the west side. This road runs along Stone Lagoon, from the visitor center to a point to the north.
Stone Lagoon.png
Meteor Shower Huron


At I-5 near Huron, when driving to the north at night, a meteor shower will appear in the sky from the distance.
Meteor Shower.png
Giant Duck Los Angeles

(CA 1)

At CA 1 between Los Angeles and Carlsbad, there is a tugboat pulling a massive yellow rubber duck.

American Truck Simulator Easter Egg Hunt -2 Tugboat Duck

Hidden road in Woodland Hills Los Angeles

(CA 1, CA 27)

This unmarked dirt road can be found between Woodland Hills on US 101 and Santa Monica. The road provides the player as a shortcut, bypassing much of CA 27.
LA hidden road.png
Hollywood sign labeled as "World of Trucks" sign Los Angeles One of the landmarks in Los Angeles, the iconic Hollywood sign was changed in the game due to copyright issues. The sign is labeled as "World of Trucks", instead of "Hollywood". It is named after SCS' online platform of the same name that was launched in late 2015, not long before the release of WoT website.
WoT sign.png
Hotel California Oakland One of the landmarks in Oakland, the California Hotel was changed in the game due to copyright issues, having located close to I-580, while the position of the two signs for the hotel were reversed, with "Hotel" being on top, while "California" being on the bottom, resulting the sign says "Hotel California". The in-game sign labeling makes an obvious reference to the popular 1976 song of the same name by the Eagles.
Hotel CA.png
Remember the Road Here? Oxnard In the north of Oxnard, near the Sell Goods depot outside CA 126, there is an electronic sign on a worn dead-end road that says "Remember the road here?". This is a reference to the previous road network of Oxnard prior to the map rescale from version 1.5.
Remember the road.png
Woman sitting in a tree Redding Near the hotel in the east of the town during daytime, there is a woman sitting in a tree.
Tree Woman.png
Vivat Krokus Redding On the west side of I-5 in the south of Redding, there is row of bushes that forms a huge signage that says "Vivat Krokus" when viewed at a certain height. This is likely a reference to one of SCS Software senior beta testers. "Vivat Krokus" means "Happy Easter" or "Long Live The Easter Eggs" in Czech. It is yet to be confirmed if this easter egg still exists after the area was reworked in version 1.41.
Vivat Krokus.png
Sebor's Market San Diego In the east of San Diego, near I-8, there is a video game store behind the car dealership called "Sebor's Market". This is a reference to Pavel and Petr Šebor, respectively the CEO and CTO of SCS Software.
Sebor's Market.png


Easter egg Location Description Image
Hidden road in US 160 Alamosa This unmarked logging road can be found near the rest area on the south side of US 160 in the west of Alamosa. The road follows along the highway.
Alamosa hidden road.png
Hidden roads in Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs This extensive network of unmarked roads are located in Garden of the Gods National Monument on the north of US 24 in the west of Colorado Springs. These roads runs through the park.
Garden of the Gods Entry.png
Garden of the Gods.png
South Park Garbage Bins Colorado Springs


In the scenic town of Fairplay, there are four colored garbage bins lined up by the side of the road, left next to them is a school sign board.

This is mostly a reference to the 1997 American animated sitcom, South Park, where the garbage bins are based on the four main characters of the show; the first bin is based on Stan Marsh, the second bin is based on Kyle Broflovski, the third bin is based on Eric Cartman and the fourth bin is based on Kenny McCormick. The placement of the sign and the garbage bins are a reference to the show's opening title sequence, to which, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are waiting for the school bus on their way to school. The show's setting is mostly based on the real-life South Park in Park County, Colorado, where the town of Fairplay is located in. The key differences of the setting between the show and reality is the town of Fairplay in the show is also named South Park as the whole grassland flat, instead of its real name in reality.

South Park.png
Why Not? Denver The field in Denver Field Stadium says "Why Not" when viewed at a certain height. On the bottom right corner of the text, there is another text mentions that "Why Not" is accredited to Racertoft (SCS Software senior map designer, Nicolaj Toft Nielson) during a research trip to Colorado by four SCS map designers in 2019. There is also a dancing man inside the 'O' on "Why Not", which is a common white male pedestrian model.
Why Not.png
Hidden road in

Chimney Rock


(US 160)

This unmarked dirt road is located on the south side of US 160 in the east of Durango. The road parallels the highway for a short distance, and provides a good view of Chimney Rock.
Chimney Rock Road.png
Earl's Feed Store Durango

(Pagosa Springs)

In Pagosa Springs outside of Durango, there is a business called "Earl's Feed Store".

This is obviously a reference to the 1975 song, Wolf Creek Pass by C. W. McCall. In the song, a trucker named Earl loses the brakes of his truck while descending the Wolf Creek Pass in US 160, and ends up "bashed into a feed store in downtown Pagosa Springs".

Earl's Feed and Seed.png
Silent Disco Lamar

(Wild Horse)

In the scenery town of Wild Horse, about a distance from US 287, there is a party being advertised with an electronic sign that reads "Silent Disco".
Silent Disco.png
Hidden road in Monarch Pass Montrose

(US 50)

This unmarked dirt road is located on the south side of US 50 in the western slope of Monarch Pass. The road runs from a point west of the pass to the pass' summit. The road is rather twisty, and features a tunnel and an abandoned mine.
Monarch Pass Road.png
"0118 999 881 99 9119 7253" phone number on PDQ West Ambulance PDQ West Ambulances Similar to the electronic advertising sign in Camp Verde, Arizona, the "0118 999 881 99 9119 7253" phone number from The IT Crowd can be also seen as an emergency phone number found on PDQ West ambulances in Colorado.
Hidden road in Pueblo Pueblo (Stem Beach) This extensive unmarked road is located just on the west of the city's Deepgrove depot. The road connects the city's steel mill area with the Vitas Power wind turbine plant at Stem Beach. The northern end of the road is "blocked" by barriers that can be nudged aside.
Pueblo Hidden Road.png
Cow Existential Crisis Steamboat Springs

(US 34)

At the wayside of US 34, not far from east of the western terminus to US 40, there are two cows looking at a butcher shop sign showing different cuts of meat.
Existential Cows.png


Easter egg Location Description Image
Devs on Control Boxes Boise In the downtown area of Boise, there are few signal control boxes being painted with a mural depicting six mens inferring with a flag that has a SCS logo in it, the heads of the six mens resembles to the employees at SCS Software.
Dev Box Boise.png
Mraz Kwon Do Boise In the downtown area of Boise, there is a business called "Mraz Kwon Do".

This is actually a reference to the fictional martial arts studio "Rex Kwon Do" from the 2004 American comedy film, Napoleon Dynamite, which was set in Idaho, mainly in Preston (although Preston is not present in the game, as it is located on the north of Logan in real-life). The sign for the dojo also references the studio's owner Rex from the film, such as his eight-week program, his first rule about the buddy system and his iconic order to "Bow to your sensei!". The man doing a kick on the sign is cosplayed by SCS Software employee, Jakub Mraz, whose his surname is used as the dojo's namesake. Jakub is also wearing the same outfit as Rex from the film.

Mraz Kwon Do.png
SCS Soft Forever Boise


In Meridian, along I-84, there is a field which the grass textures spell out 'SCS Soft Forever' when viewed from a certain height. The in-game location corresponds with where the Lowe Family Farmstead had, prior to 2019, leased land to grow a corn maze.
SCS Soft Forever.jpg
Sharlie Boise


In Payette Lake, located in the immediate north of McCall, there is a hedge dinosaur standing half-submerged in the water.

This is likely a reference to the Idaho folklore, Sharlie, a sea serpent much like the Loch Ness Monster, which was said to inhabit the lake.

Brian O'Conner Coeur d'Alene In a cemetery in Coeur d'Alene, there is a grave for a person named Brian O'Conner.

This is obviously a reference to the character of the same name from the Fast & Furious franchise, which was played by the late Paul Walker. The grave's tombstone also lists and corresponds Paul's birth date and the date of Paul's death (12th September 1973 - 30th November 2013). A similar grave can also be found in Lakeview, Oregon.

Brian O'Connor.png
SCS Constructions Grangeville In the north of Grangeville, there is a business called "SCS Constructions". The company name is a nod to SCS Software, the creator of American Truck Simulator. Despite the name sounds like an construction company, the player cannot take jobs from there nor attempting to deliver and dropping off a cargo to them. Another company with a similar nod on its name is featured as an active company in Euro Truck Simulator 2, called SCS Paper.
SCS Constructions.png
Old Spiral Highway Lewiston In the southbound lane of US 95, just before the Lewiston Hill weigh station, there is an unmarked road that connects from US 95 to ID 128 in north of Lewiston. The road is very twisty, providing a challenging alternate route down the Clearwater escarpment.

The road is mostly based on the famous and scenic-grade Old Spiral Highway, a former 10-mile segment of US 95 that was opened in 1917, and was decommissioned in 1977, when it was replaced by the current alignment of US 95.

Spiral Highway.png
Sebor Field, Greenline Park Nampa Similar to the "Sebor's Market" easter egg in California, there is a second easter egg referencing the CEO and CTO of SCS Software, Pavel and Petr Šebor, which can be found in Idaho. Their surname is named for a field in Nampa, known as "Sebor Field". This can be seen in a sign located outside of the field, which advertises the baseball game between ATS vs ETS2, hosted by SCS Baseball League. The sign also mentions that this field is located in Greenline Park, the word "Greenline" is a reference to the name of the building in which SCS Software is headquartered.
SCS Baseball League.jpg
RyaStream Pocatello In Pocatello, there is a farm with a red barn that has an "R" logo on the wall and a man standing in front of it with a selfie stick. The "R" logo is based on the logo used by a popular video game streamer on Facebook, RyaStream, whose streams simulator games including American Truck Simulator. The man taking the selfie is a common black male pedestrian model that is found everywhere in-game, the man is likely acting as one of Rya's fans.
Car playing music with a dancing man Twin Falls

(US 93)

At US 93 in Hollister between Twin Falls and Jackpot, there is a car parked at a weigh station with the door open, playing music, and a man dancing next to it. This is probably a reference to the SCS Software employee, Oscar Lee, where he stopped in Hollister in his rental car during the SCS 2019 Road Trip and started dancing to the music on the radio before driving back to the airport to drop off the car. Oscar is actually a big fan of the radio station, Trance FM. The beat of the music is similar to Romanian DJ and record producer Manuel Riva's "Mhm Mhm", remixed by Dave Andres.

Secret Roads to Idaho DLC ATS 1.38 Beta (Teaser Alert)

Dance for Pedro Twin Falls


Similar to the "Mraz Kwon Do" easter egg, another easter egg referencing Napoleon Dynamite can be also encountered in Idaho, via a billboard that says "Dance for Pedro", located in the south side of I-84, just on the east of Twin Falls. This billboard references the character Pedro Sánchez from the film, who is Napoleon's best friend. Pedro's face is shown as an in-game redraw in the billboard, while the sign's text is a play on the memetic "Vote for Pedro" slogan for Pedro's class president campaign, with the "dance" referring to the scene of Napoleon's famous dance routine to Canned Heat by Jamiroquai near the end of the film.
Vote for Pedro.png
Evel Knievel Ramp Twin Falls Visible from the Perrine Bridge, just on the northeast of Twin Falls, near the Mormon temple, there is a long, unmarked dirt road that runs through the Snake River Canyon, all the way to I-84; upon reaching the end of the first section of the road, there is a ramp, attempting to jump over the ramp will result the player receives 100% damage on their truck. It is possible to survive the jump without damage mods. Flying to the other side of the canyon is impossible, but upon falling into the canyon, a road will appear in the river; if one sticks the landing with less than 100% damage, one can follow this secret road to I-84, which it meets at-grade on the south side of the highway (care is advised when entering the freeway; getting hit at this point can result in full damage, requiring a tow).

This typical road is a reference to the American stunt performer Evel Knievel, where in 1974, Knievel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon in a steam-powered rocket motorcycle, the Skycycle X-2; he was unsuccessful, due to the cycle's drag chute deploying early. The earthen ramp remains to this day.

With the 49X (pictured here), starting from the beginning of the ramp approach road, one can reach 80 mph at launch and land with 96% damage.

River Road.png


Easter egg Location Description Image
Hidden off-road track in US 93/50 Ely

(US 93/50)

This secret off-road track can be found on the west side of US 93/50 that traverse Connors Pass, just on the south of Ely. This road is a large, wildly curving loop with some steep grades.
Connors Pass dirt road.png
All your base are belong to us Las Vegas One of the signage in Las Vegas features a message that says "All your base are belong to us". This is a reference to a popular meme of the same name from the 2000s, originated from the 1989 arcade video game, Zero Wing.
Las Vegas Dedication Las Vegas This easter egg is a second reference to one of SCS employees, Milan Lukeš. This can be found via a sign, hidden from Cheyenne Avenue in north Las Vegas. The sign dedicates Milan on the reworked Las Vegas that was introduced in version 1.38, which he is honored by SCS as "the only true father of American Truck Simulator".
UFOs Las Vegas


At NV 375 (also known as the 'Extraterrestrial Highway') on the scenery town of Rachel, there is a pair of mysterious bright lights flying from the mountains to the west of the settlement during the night. Several players believed to be UFOs, but they are not proven to be real, as they do not make any noise, and using a map editor, it can be found that they are just lights, and not modeled objects.

This is likely a reference to the fact that in real life, Rachel is the closest settlement to Area 51, a highly secretive Air Force facility that allegedly holds alien spacecraft.


American Truck Simulator UFO sighting

Truck Stop Ducks Pioche

(Mazany Creek)

In the scenery town of Mazany Creek on US 93 between Las Vegas and Pioche, near the army base on the south side of the truck stop, there are three massive yellow rubber ducks bobbing up and down behind a fence. This fictional town is possibly named after Václav Mazaný, a former employee of SCS Software. Video link.
Mazany Creek.png
Krokus Rulez! Reno


Similar to the "Vivat Krokus" easter egg in Redding, California, a second reference to one of SCS' senior beta testers can be also encountered in the game, this time in a form of an electronic sign that says "Krokus Rulez!", the sign is located in the west of Sparks (the city to the immediate east of Reno), near the Plaster & Sons construction site.
Krokus Rulez.png

New Mexico[]

Easter egg Location Description Image
The Krystal Ship RV (Breaking Bad) Albuquerque Near the Albuquerque International Sunport, there is a parked white-and-orange recreational vehicle (RV) that emits blue smoke at the rear. This is a reference to The Krystal Ship RV from the 2008-2013 American crime drama television series, Breaking Bad, where the characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman used the RV in the first three seasons of the show to cook crystal meth.

The RV resembles to a 1985-1986 Winnebago Chieftain, instead of the 1986-1987 Fleetwood Bounder that was used in the show.

Walter White.png
Warning Zombies Ahead Artesia In the downtown area of Artesia, there is an electronic sign that says "Warning Zombies Ahead".
Zombies Ahead.png
Message from a developer Clovis In a dirt track among the houses of a residential area in western Clovis, there is a sign with a friendly message from a developer wishing the player well.
NM Developer message sign.png
Hidden shortcut in US 64 Raton

(US 64)

At US 64 in the west of Eagle Nest, there is an unmarked dirt road, which provides an alternate route bypassing a large switchback. Driving this road for the first time will unlock one of the game's achievements, Forest Shortcut.
Forest Shortcut.png
Giant Cars Roswell


In a residential area of Vaughn, there is a sign in an inaccessible street that hints about giants, upon taking a closer look ahead, they are actually just three oversized cars.
Vaughn Giants Sign.png
Vaughn Giants.png
Roswell Pioneer Plaza's Historical Marker Roswell The historical marker for Roswell Pioneer Plaza that is located in the downtown area of Roswell was changed in the game due to copyright issues. In real-life, the text of the sign originally mentions about the original history of the plaza. In-game however, the text instead makes a reference to SCS' map designer, Malek Lazansky, where it says that Malek is famed by SCS as "the very best map maker ever".
Malek Marker.png
"UFO" Tire Tracks Roswell At the north of Roswell, near the Global Mills dairy plant, there is an abandoned truck with an inflatable alien on it sitting in a vacant lot; when viewed at a certain height, the tire tracks in the lot spells "UFO".
Tire Track UFO.png
UFO Center Roswell In Roswell, there is a building with two satellite dishes and a large signage that says "UFO Center".

This is a direct reference to the fictional building of the same name from the 1999-2002 American sci-fi television series, Roswell.

The Binding of Isaac Sign Tucumcari At the Sunshine Crops farm in Tucumcari, there is a sign, which features the last part of the introductory text from the 2011 video game, The Binding of Isaac.


Easter egg Location Description Image
Free Willy Orca Astoria

(US 101)

At the eastern end of the New Youngs Bay Bridge in the west of Astoria, there is a killer whale that jumps out of the water near a breakwater while a person standing below watches it.

This is a close reference to the ending scene of the 1993 American drama film, Free Willy, where Willy the orca jumps over a breakwater to freedom while Jesse watches him. The scene was also filmed in Astoria, Oregon.

Free Willy.png
Gravity Falls Bend In the scenery town of Terrebonne in Bend, there is a sign that points down the road for a town of Gravity Falls, while just down the road is another sign advertising a place called the Mystery Shack, next to the advertisement is a water tower with a graffiti of an explosion.

This is a direct reference to the 2012-2016 American animated television series, Gravity Falls, where Gravity Falls, Oregon is a fictional town located in Oregon from the series, as well the series' main setting, while the Mystery Shack is where the characters Dipper and Mabel Pines are staying at throughout the series, while the graffiti on the water tower is a reference to the recurring "Explosion muffin" graffiti created by Robbie Valentino from the series, which was first appeared in the fifth episode of the first season, The Inconveniencing.

Brothers Gonna Work It Out Burns


In the scenery town of Brothers, on the east part of the town, near the rest area, there is an entrance sign to the town, which there is another sign below to it that appears to have fallen, the fallen sign says "Gonna Work It Out".

This is either a reference to the 1973 song of the same name by Willie Hutch, or the similarly-named 1998 compilation album by The Chemical Brothers, which also features The Chemical Brothers' cover of the original Willie Hutch's song.

Brothers Gonna Work It Out.png
Dancing man on the roof Eugene


In the truck stop in Canyonville, there is a man dancing on the roof of the mini market.
Roof Dance.png
Hidden road in Dexter Reservoir Eugene

(OR 58)

This unmarked dirt road is located on the south side of OR 58. The road bypasses the part of the highway that crosses a bay of the Dexter Reservoir.
Dexter Reservoir Road.png
Dates on the Water Tank Lakeview One of the landmarks in Lakeview, the Lakeview Water Tank features minor changes on the texts of the banners in the game due to copyright issues. The banner on the left says "ATS - 2013", as opposite to "Est. 1888" in real-life to indicate Lakeview's first establishment in 1888. The other banner on the right says "SCS - 1997", as opposite to "Elev. 4801" in real-life to mention Lakeview's elevation of 4,802 ft (1,464 m). The first in-game banner is a reference to the year where the work on American Truck Simulator began, while the second in-game banner is a reference to the year where SCS Software was first established.
Play American Truck Simulator Ontario At Ontario High School, the electronic board of the sign for the school reads "Play American Truck Simulator".
Play ATS.png
Two-Headed Cow Pendleton In the junction of I-84 and US 395 at Pendleton, there is a public art display of statues depicting cattlemen herding cows; one of these cow statues has two heads.

This is possibly a reference to the Brahmin, a mutated cattle with two heads from the Fallout video game series.

Mutant Cow.png


Easter egg Location Description Image
Hidden Cave Cedar City At the rest area in the Black Iron Mine, partly hidden by vines, there is a cave, where inside of the cave, there are massive crates of TNT and a tired-looking miner sitting on one of them.
Hidden Cave.png
Cave Interior.png

SCS Stampede Rodeo Logan


At the fairgrounds in Tremonton, there is a sign for the "SCS Stampede Rodeo" advertising a match between Davido and Nemiro. The match is set on Thursday, July 16th, at 7 PM. This is mostly a reference to two SCS Software employees, whose are actually brothers. The match date and time are a reference to the date and time that SCS Software set for the release of Idaho DLC in 2020.
SCS Rodeo.png
Obstacle Course Ogden


A small obstacle course is very well hidden in the maze of warehouses in Ogden's Freeport Center. North of the Wallbert warehouse are two railroad spurs that end at the side of the road, with box cars on both tracks; between them is a gap just wide enough to get a truck through, which is marked with a few traffic cones. After passing through this gap, one of the tracks opens up, and can be followed to the road that accesses the Sell Goods warehouse (access from there is blocked off by a train). Turning left off of the tracks, a crossroads will soon be reached; the ways straight and right are blocked, forcing another left turn. At the end of the road accessed here is an obstacle course consisting of a winding, narrow loop marked by traffic cones. A sign says that there will be a one second penalty for each cone hit, however it's up to the player to keep time. Another sign points to hard and easy challenges, but being a loop, it doesn't matter which is chosen.
Obstacle Course.png
Some Easter Egg Ogden

(Brigham City)

This easter egg consist a New Mexico historical marker with two writings; the larger writing says "Menu", while the smaller writing below says "Some easter egg". It can be found hidden at the truck stop in Brigham City.
Some Easter Egg.png
Davido Diesel Repair Page


This repair shop is another reference to SCS' employee, Davido. The repair shop is located by the weigh station on US 89 in the north of Kanab, which can be accessed via a hidden road from the station.
Davido Diesel.png
Davido Diesel1.jpg
Davido Diesel2.jpg
Davido Diesel3.jpg
Nothing Page


In a scenery town of Kanab, there is a sign that says "Nothing." In order to find it, turn onto the north of US 89 and go out of town. There is a parking lot on the left. Look for a sign that says Cedar Heights and take a left. Follow the barriers to the end of the road to find the sign. The sign is a requirement for one of the game's achievements, It's Something.

Entrance to the unmarked road

The sign at the end of the road

Nemiro's Peak Salina

(US 89)

This easter egg is another reference to SCS' employee, Nemiro. It is mentioned via a sign says "Nemiro's Peak / 2122 feet / SCS Software National Park". The sign can be found at the northern viewpoint of US 89 in the south of Salina, next to the rest area. The sign is only shown during virtual reality (VR).
Hello Natvander Salt Lake City


This easter egg consist two signs that reads "Hello Natvander how are you" and "I'm fine, how are you?", respectively by order, this is obviously a reference to SCS' employee, Nathan VanDerMeulen, where Natvander is Nathan's nickname. These signs can be found at the west of the intersection between UT-201 and UT-202 on the far west of Salt Lake City, and can be read via eastbound using the developer's camera.
Hello Natvander.png
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Salt Lake City


On the West I-80 at the Nevada-Utah border in Wendover, there is a seasonal, digital DOT message board displaying a reference to the 1989 American holiday comedy film, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, consisting of a renowned but unmentionable quote line by the character Eddie Johnson. A nearly identical message was broadcasted on real Mississippi and Tennessee message boards in December 2018.

Message at Nevada mile marker 0

Hidden road in Pelican Lake Vernal This unmarked dirt road is located on the southwest of Vernal. This road, on which trucks are forbidden, provides an alternate route around Pelican Lake and passes through a campsite.
Pelican Lake Hidden Road.png


Easter egg Location Description Image
Hidden road in Bellingham Bellingham This unmarked road connects Bellingham via Lakeway Drive to the Deepgrove logging site in the east. This road is long and winding; it is partly paved, and passes through the town of Wickersham, overall acting as a very helpful shortcut between Bellingham and its logging site.
Bellingham Hidden Road.jpg
“I was here” Cave Bellingham

(cliffside logging road)

On the cliffside logging road in northern Washington, there is a cave on the right corner immediately after a small bridge and barriers. The inside of the cave features a message that reads "I was here."
Hidden Cave WA.png

I Was Here.png

Enjoy Summer Colville In Colville, there is an electronic sign says "Enjoy Summer". This may be a message to the players, as Washington was originally released at the start of summer in 2019.
Mechyas is LOL Vancouver Near Charged and Tidbit depots in Vancouver, there is a historic marker that simply says "Mechyas is LOL", it is a reference to the SCS Software employee, Mechyas. LOL is an abbreviation of "laughing out loud" or "lots of laugh".
WA Mechyas sign.png


Easter egg Location Description Image
Buford Cheyenne


Buford, an unincorporated ghost town in Albany County, Wyoming, known for its population of 1, appeared in the game as a hidden scenery town. The town is accessible via a long unmarked road from Happy Jack Road on Sherman Hill Summit, located on the south side of I-80 at west of Cheyenne. Visiting the town for the first time is a requirement for one of the game's achievements, Population 1.
Hidden road in Hoback Junction Jackson

(Hoback Junction)

This unmarked dirt road is located on the east side of US 191. The road follows the course around the Old Yellowstone Road.
Hoback Hidden Road.png
Dirt Racetrack Rawlins

(Muddy Gap Junction)

Near the fuel station at the Muddy Gap Junction in Rawlins, there is a figure-8 dirt racetrack. The racetrack doesn't exists in real-life.
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Wyoming Wind Sock Rawlins Wyoming Wind Sock, a pole sign with a chain welded at the top that sticks out horizontally from the pole, known for its description about Wyoming's notorious windiness, which the wind can be pointed out via the chain's angle, can be encountered in the game. While the sign is placed near at the National Weather Service Forecast Office Cheyenne, which is located near the Cheyenne Regional Airport in real-life, the sign is incorrectly placed near the Rawlins Municipal Airport in the game.
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Various Locations[]

Easter egg Location Description Image
Sponsor a Highway Signs Road Sign On various highways in the parts of the map, dating as far back as Utah, there are Sponsor a Highway signs with sponsors, which most of them are references to various SCS Software employees, such as "Racertoft Speedway" and "Nemiro's Driving School".
Duke's Tavern Business This business is a reference to the 1993-2004 American sitcom, Frasier, where the character Martin Crane, the father of Frasier Crane, frequently goes to a bar called Duke's, which eventually closed in the fifth episode of the show's second season, Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye. The business' sign in the game has a similar blue neon sign as the bar from the show.
Ilona Beauty Salon Business This business is a reference to the former map designer of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and current SCS' producer, Ilona Brabcová.
Lumberjack: the Musical Billboard This recurring billboard advertises Lumberjack: the Musical. This is mostly a reference to one of the sketches from the 1969-1974 British surreal sketch comedy series, Monty Python's Flying Circus.
Marty's Antique Furniture Shack Business This business is another reference to Frasier, whose also another reference to the show's principal character, Martin Crane. In the show, Martin owns an old green chair, which annoys Frasier. Marty is one of Martin's nicknames in the show. The old green chair in question appears on the business' sign, which is written in the font used for the show.

This example is found in Ketchum, ID.

McBujo Land & Cattle Company Business This business is a reference to SCS' employee, Bujo. So far, this business can be found in Salmon, Idaho and Hoback Junction, Wyoming.
NYPD Database screen Police cars The police computers inside police cars depicts the database screen for the New York City Police Department (NYPD).
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Ujo Bujo Billboard Similar to the "McBujo Land & Cattle Company" easter egg, another reference to SCS' employee, Bujo, can be encountered in the game, via a recurring billboard advertising the radio show, Ujo Bujo, featuring Bujo himself being pictured on the billboard and the tagline "The New Mr. Vegas". "Ujo" means "Uncle" in Czech.
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