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The E55 is a very short road in Denmark, generally connects the E47 with Gedser. It is introduced to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map in the Scandinavia DLC.

The game map features a short part in Denmark and the part in Germany. Furthermore it features a few sections in the Czech Republic, in Austria and in Italy. In real life the E55 goes from Helsingborg (Sweden) to Kalamata (Greece). A part in Denmark, in the Czech Republic, in Austria and in Italy is missing. Greece is not in the game yet.

The road in Denmark is only a minor road and has no highway sections.

Route (Sweden)[]

In Sweden the E55 is only in the city Helsingborg. In real life the E55 leads via the ferry to Helsingør (Denmark).

Route (Denmark)[]

European Route E55
Name Exit ↓km↓
Exit E47 - København (Kobenhavn), Rødby 0
Junction Konstnorr 9
Rest Stop Parking ico.png Gas ico.png 16
Junction Gedser Centrum, Gedser Port ico.png 17
Port ico.png Ferry to Rostock (Germany) 18

Route (Germany)[]

The section in Germany is completely present in the game. Here is the detail route:

  • From Rostock (Harbour) to the Bundesautobahn A19
  • The Bundesautobahn A19 to the Bundesautobahn A24 (Exit number 21: Wittstock-Dosse)
  • The Bundesautobahn A24 to the Bundesautobahn A10 (Exit number 26: Dreieck Havelland)
  • The Bundesautobahn A10 to the Bundesautobahn A13 (Exit number 11: Schönefelder Kreuz)
  • The Bundesautobahn A13 to the Bundesautobahn A4 (Exit number 23: Dresden-Nord)
  • The Bundesautobahn A4 to the Bundesautobahn A17 (Exit number 77: Dresden-West)
  • The Bundesautobahn A17 to the Border of the Czech Republic (Continues as D8 to Praha)

Route (Czech Republic)[]

In the Czech Republic the D3 is missing, but in the game there is a minor road, which goes to the Border of Austria. Here is the possible route for the E55 in the Czech Republic:

  • The D8 to Praha
  • From Praha via the D1 to a minor road (Exit number: 2)
  • The minor road leads to the Border of Austria.

Route (Austria)[]

In Austria the S10, the A7 and a large part of the A10 is missing, but here is the possible route for the E55 in Austria:

Route (Italy)[]

In Italy the A57 and several minor roads are missing, but here is the possible route for the E55 in Italy:

  • The Autostrada A23 from the Border of Austria to the Autostrada A4
  • The Autostrada A4 to the Autostrada A13
  • The Autostrada A13 to the Autostrada A14
  • The Autostrada A14 to the city Bari

In Bari the E55 ends. In real life the E55 leads from Bari to Brindisi, where it goes via the ferry to Greece.

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