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 Note: This page contains only information about E45 in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

The European Route E45 is a combination of roads running roughly north-south between Sweden and Italy.

The official game map of Euro Truck Simulator 2 features the route between Frederikshavn, Denmark and Augusta, Italy; as well as the ferry crossing into Göteborg, Sweden. However, none of the on-land Swedish section is included as of 2021.


The current route is introduced in three sections:

  • The central section between Kiel and Verona is introduced in the original release of ETS 2.
  • The northern section between Frederikshavn and Kiel, as well as the ferry to Göteborg, are added to the game map through the Scandinavia DLC.
  • The southern section between Verona and Augusta is added to the game map through the Italia DLC.

Afterwards, the section in Germany is updated in three phases:

  • The section between Kiel and Hannover has been updated in version 1.32 update.
  • The section between Hannover and Kassel has been updated in version 1.35 update.
  • The section between Kassel and A3 (towards Nürnberg) is added in version 1.40 update as a new section of A7. Prior to this, truckers need to follow a short section of A4 towards Leipzig, as well as a minor road towards the A3.

Constituent Roads[]

The infobox on this page contains the detailed features of the E45 in Denmark.

To follow (approximately) the E45 south of the German-Danish border to Catania, truckers should drive on the following roads:

Country Road Remarks
Germany A7 Passing near Kiel, Hamburg, Hannover and Kassel

Prior to version 1.32 update, truckers need to drive on a short section of A2 near Hannover

Prior to version 1.40 update, truckers need to drive on a short section of A4 south of Kassel, as well as a section of minor road between A4 and A3

A3 Towards Nürnberg
A9 Towards Munchen
A99 Towards Salzburg
A93 Towards Innsbruck
Austria A12
A13 Towards Verona
Italy A22 via Verona and Suzzara towards Bologna
A14 Towards Ancona
Minor road towards Terni Both the A14 east of Bologna and the minor road north of Terni are not actually part of E45, but this route is the closest in-game imitation
A1 via Roma and Cassino towards Napoli
A30 Not actually part of E45, but the section near Napoli is bypassed in-game and this is the closest imitation
A2 via Catanzaro towards Villa San Giovanni
Ferry Towards Messina
A18 via Catania

The Euroroute's rendering ends at the junction near Augusta.

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