The Euroroute E18 is an important east-west route in northern Europe. Three sections of the route are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2):

The rest of this article mainly deals with the Norwegian and Swedish sections. Refer to the "See Also" section for information on the British, Finnish and Russian sections.

E18 in Norway and Sweden Edit

E18 is one of the longest numbered route in the game. It starts from the Norwegian port city of Kristiansand and heads east, becoming a highway when it meets the coast, and runs through Oslo, the Norwegian capital, before entering the mountainous area around the Norwegian-Swedish border. Upon entering Sweden, the route heads east via Örebro and Västerås before meeting E4 near Stockholm, the Swedish capital. The road continues into Kapellskär, where ferries are availble if the trucker has the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC.

A total of four toll booths exist on the route's Norwegian section. A shortcut bypassing Oslo allows truckers to skip the section of E18 through the city, but it's also tolled.

Some sections between Kristiansand and Örebro are single-carriageway roads.

Route Details Edit

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