The European Route E16 is a road featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's introduced in the Scandinavia DLC.

While its real-life counterpart spans from Northern Ireland to Sweden, the section featured in the game is entirely in Norway, mainly connecting Oslo and Bergen. It is very hilly, and features multiple tunnels (including two underground roundabouts), as well as the tolled Hardanger Bridge.

In fact, the road as featured in the game mostly resembles Norwegian National Road 7 east of Hardanger Bridge, while the real life E16 follows a more northerly route towards Oslo.

Apart from the Norwegian section, the real life E16 also covers part of the British M8 motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as a road from Oslo towards central Sweden. However, these sections were either not signed as E16, or not featured in ETS2 at all.

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