The E134 is an Euroroute entirely in Norway. It's introduced in the Scandinavia DLC of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

It begins at a roundabout to the southwest of Oslo (Drammen in real-life) and ends about halfway between Stavanger and Bergen. Parts of the road are very steep, making it possible to drive over 130 km/h downhill (if the trucker has disabled the truck speed limiter), while some trucks with weaker engines might have problems driving uphill.

Ambiguity Edit

The end point of E134 in ETS 2 is unclear and confusing.

  • While a junction signs the way to Stavanger as E134 (with solid border, meaning that the road to the left is actually E134), all signs for the rest of the way into Stavanger bear the E39 number instead.
  • In real-life, it's the road ahead towards Bergen that's part of E134, but the in-game road also diverges from the real-life E134 at the next TOTSO.

In addition, most Norwegian roads featured in the game are not Euroroutes, but the Euroroute number appears on every sign, confusing many truckers.

The following roads are signed E134 despite not being part of it:

At three junctions (Drammen west, Hardanger Bridge south and the E134 west terminal junction), the sign would suggest that truckers would end up on the E134 no matter which path they take.

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