The Diaľnica D4 in Slovakia is a short highway featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2, serving as part of the major road connection between Wien (the Austrian capital) and Bratislava (the Slovak capital).

Because of the in-game map topology and scaling, there are several interesting in-game facts regarding this road:

  1. Truckers travelling between Wien and Bratislava are almost always advised, by the in-game route-advisor, to take a minor road off the Austrian A21 instead of following the A4, A6, D4 and D2.
  2. Similarly, the in-game route-advisor would advise truckers to drive on this road for trips between Austria and Hungary, instead of driving on the Austrian A4 and Hungarian M1 directly.
  3. The real-life D4 is only 3 km long, but the in-game map shows the road several times longer. Meanwhile, in-game signs imply that the rendered road is about 700 m long.

In addition, just like the other two Slovak Diaľnice (D1 and D2) featured in ETS 2, all D4 signs in-game are in Czech-style instead of Slovak-style.

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