The Dálnice D10 in Czech Republic is a highway running northeast from Praha, the country's capital. It's featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Both this road and the parallel D11 claim to be heading for Wrocław in Poland, but in fact it's the D11 taking the more direct route. The D10, instead, mainly serves the Scout car factory near Praha.

A trucker heading northeast along the D10 does not end up in any particular settlement after entering Poland beyond the route. Instead, another minor road intercedes the continuation of D10, and truckers either have to head north for Poznań and Szczecin; or head back south for Brno.

History Edit

Czech R10 icon

The sign of Rychlostní silnice R10, as depicted on Euro Truck Simulator 2 game map.

Before the Czech government abolished the Rychlostní silnice designation on 31st December 2015, the Dálnice D10 used to be the Rychlostní silnice R10.

The change can be easily unnoticed in ETS 2 except on the in-game "world map", since in-game signs do not show the R10 / D10 number plates. Instead, its Euroroute number, E65, is shown on signs.

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