The Dálnice D0 in Czech Republic, also known as Pražský okruh (Praha Ring) in real-life, is a highway featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2 that partly encircles Praha, the Czech capital.

The road is notable for the high viaduct and blue-themed sound barrier and streetlights, distinguishable from even other Czech main roads. Truckers travelling between central Germany and non-Praha Czech or Slovak cities may find it fastest to drive via the D5 and D0.

No gas station or rest stop are available on the D0, because these facilities are in abundance either inside Praha, or on other roads around it.

History Edit

Czech R1 icon

The icon of Rychlostní silnice R1 in Euro Truck Simulator 2

When Euro Truck Simulator 2 was released, the D0 was known as the Rychlostní silnice R1.

With a change of policy in the Czech Republic, the Rychlostní silnice designation has been discontinued since 31st December 2015, and the R1 has been renumbered as the Dálnice D0.

The road number sign of R1 in-game was updated to D0 about half a year after real-life.

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