The Company Manager is the central hub for all of the upgrades in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. There are 4 types of manager selections which are the: Garage Manager, Truck Manager, Trailer Manager and Driver Manager. For all players who want to hire drivers, upgrade garages, changing trucks into perfection.

Garage Manager Edit

The Garage Manager is a submenu of the Company Manager in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. It is used to organize the player's garages. The main feature of the menu is the ability to upgrade garages.

The Garage Manager contains a list of the player's garages. One can switch between Map View and Table View. The table view has some additional features like productivity and the number of drivers and trucks in the garage.

By selecting a garage another set of details appears. It shows the productivity of the garage, its current state and which drivers and trucks are assigned to the garage.

Economy summary Edit

Icon Economy

Shows further details about the garage's profit.

Sell Edit

Icon Sell

Sells the selected garage. As long as there are trucks and drivers assigned to the garage it can't be sold.

Upgrade Edit

Icon Upgrade

Upgrade the garage for $100,000. Upgrading the garage will make it bigger and give it more slots for drivers and trucks. This option is not available if the garage has been upgraded to its maximum level. When upgrading a garage, it will show a cutscene.

Travel Edit

Icon Quicktravel

Quick travel to the selected garage. Note that a lot of time will pass.

Truck Manager Edit

The Truck Manager is a submenu of the Company Manager in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. It gives an overview and some statistics over the trucks of the player's company. In the Truck Manager one can also sell, customize or relocate trucks that are not used at the moment by the player.

When selecting a truck and hovering over the image, the game shows some details about the truck: What kind of series, chassis, cabin, steering, gearbox and fuel tank it has, and how many power and torque the engine has. Below the image one can see the status of the driver. If it says Idle, it means the truck is inactive and On road means the truck is currently driving. There is also information about the profit of the truck.

Relocate Edit

Relocate the selected truck to another garage. The truck that is currently used by the player can't be relocated.

Sell Edit

Sell the selected truck. (Brings less money than the player actually spent for it)

Upgrade Edit

The same upgrade menu as the one in service shops appears and one can customize the selected truck. The truck that is currently used by the player can't be upgraded in this menu.

Drive it Edit

Selects the truck as the player's truck.

Trailer Manager Edit

The Trailer Manager is a submenu of the Company Manager in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. It gives an overview about your trailer after you buy your own trailer, the table shows where's the trailer that you placed in the garage. Utilize your own trailer.

Relocate Edit

Relocate the selected trailer to another garage.

Sell Edit

Sell the selected trailer. (Brings less money than the player actually spent for it)

Configure Edit

Customized your own trailer if there's anything wrong or maybe mistaken click.

Make Private Edit

Sufficiently private your own trailer, note that it dosen't attach to your own truck.

Use Edit

Currently use your own trailer. Make anything deliveries you want into the Cargo Market menu.

Driver Manager Edit

The Driver Manager is a submenu of the Company Manager in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. It gives an overview and statistics over the drivers, note this is similar to the Truck Manager. In the Driver Manager, one can relocate, show their logs or currently dismiss to change another driver.

It shows a table of drivers showing how many drivers you hired. When clicking into a driver, it shows the driver's details showing his/her name, Base Wage and Rating. If the Rating is red that means this driver is not good. The training policy shows where the driver can focus on to the ratings down there.

Show Log Edit

Shows the driver's logs, a new log appears on your right bottom corner.

Relocate Edit

Relocate the selected driver into another garage.

Dismiss Edit

Will immediately dismiss the driver and open up a slot for another one.

Notice Edit

Before you hire a driver. In order your hired drivers not to leave your line-up, you need to buy a truck first, any truck! (This like happened to me before like 2-3 years ago)

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