Coastline Mining is a quarrying company featured in American Truck Simulator. Their main export cargo is minerals (e.g. gravel, ore, etc.) but they also require cargo such as mining machines (e.g. diggers, excavators). The company operates in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Locations Edit

State Quarry Depot
Arizona Flag Arizona
CA mini California
Flag of Nevada.svg Nevada
New Mexico Flag New Mexico
Flag Oregon Front Oregon
Flag of Utah small Utah
Flag of Washington Washington

Cargo Types Edit

Quarry Depot
Accepted Provided Accepted Provided
Backhoe Loader Bulldozer Cable Reel Cement
Bulldozer Excavated Soil Dynamite Dynamite
Diesel Gravel Gravel Gypsum
Dynamite Limestone Limestone Limestone
Excavator Sand Reservoir Tank Mortar
Large Tubes Silica Sand Silica
Power Generator Transformer Stones
Reservoir Tank Wheel Loader Wheel Loader
Wheel Loader

Achievements Edit

The achievement Gold Fever requires you to deliver cargo to both Coastline Mining quarries in Nevada. One is located in Carson City and the other in Elko.

The achievement This One Is Mine! requires you to deliver cargo to both Coastline Mining quarries in Utah. One is located in Cedar City and the other in Vernal. In addition, you must deliver cargo to the Kennecott Copper Mine operated by HMS Machinery. It is located in Salt Lake City.

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