In SCS Software truck simulator games, the following types of locations can be identified:

  • Depots: Industrial facilities where cargoes are picked up or dropped off.
  • Facilities: Places for truckers to do things other than loading / unloading cargo. e.g. rest, refuel, board a vessel to cross the sea, buy / sell trucks, etc.
  • Landmarks: Notable buildings allowing truckers to distinguish the place. Can be accessible or inaccessible.
  • Roads: Roads for truckers to drive on.
  • Cities: Named settlements with facilities and / or depots of their own. Usually marked by standard-sized dots on job maps, but some smaller ones are marked with small dots. Only accessible locations can be considered as cities.
  • Towns: Named or unnamed settlements with facilities and / or depots, either of their own or belonging to another city. They may be marked as smaller dots on job maps, or having no dots at all if they are considered part of another City / Town.
  • Villages: Settlements that are small and with no facility or depot, usually with one or more landmarks to allow truckers identify the location. There are no specific criteria on whether a village is accessible / inaccessible or named / unnamed.
  • Countries: Sovereign states in Euro Truck Simulator (ETS) and Euro Truck Simulator 2. In Euro Truck Simulator, truckers have to buy access rights to a country, while no such restriction exists for Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  • States: U.S. states in American Truck Simulator. SCS Software usually release map expansions state by state.
  • Ports: Cities and Towns with sea-crossing facilities, usually with few or no depots.

Refer to Help:Locations if you want to write an article of a location.

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