Carson City is the capital city of Nevada. It is a big city located in the western part of the region, near Lake Tahoe and the California border.

Landmarks Edit

The known landmarks of Carson City are the Carson City Public Building and the St. Charles Hotel (in-game name: St. Thomas Hotel).

To the west of the city, there is the Lake Tahoe with an accessible shoreline settlement called Stateline.

Features Edit

In this city, the player is able to find 4 companies: There are a Charged depot, a Coastline Mining quarry, a big Plaster & Sons worksite, and a Sunshine Crops farm.

In the city, there are also a recruitment agency, a garage, a service shop, and two gas stations: One is in the city center and the other one in Stateline.

Connections Edit

Reno is connected to other cities by three highways:

  • The IS580 bypasses Carson City and runs to Reno to the north, concurrent with US 395.
  • The US50 starts off I-580 and US 395 to the north of Carson City and runs towards Austin, Ely, and Utah to the east. An isolated section of US 50 along Lake Tahoe west of Carson City is also accessible. This road doesn't feature any company but offers an impressive view.
  • The US395 runs towards California to the north and south and connects Carson City with Bishop, California and Tonopah (the latter city via the US6) to the south and Reno to the north, concurrent with I-580.


In the initial version of American Truck Simulator, the IS580 began at an at-grade four-way junction in northern Carson City.

In update 1.5, which changed the map scale from 1:35 to 1:20, a half-trumpet interchange was added as a connection from the freeway to the at-grade four-way junction.

In update 1.32, the section of the IS580 bypassing Carson City was added.

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