Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It is featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Going East DLC.

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Truckers can access the eastern area of the city, a.k.a. the Pest side. A north-south road goes through the accessible part of the city, forming a through route from Szeged (via the M5) to Banská Bystrica, although it is still recommended to take the east side of M0 since the motorway passes no signal-controlled junctions.

Four companies have depots in Budapest:

And the following facilities are present in Budapest:

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Budapest is surrounded by the M0. The following motorways connects with the M0:

  • The M1 goes west towards Wien and Bratislava.
  • The M3 goes east towards Debrecen.
  • The M5 goes southeast towards Szeged.
  • Both the M6 and M7 go to Pécs, with M6 having its terminal junction closer to the destination.

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