Brno is a Czech city introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

As the second largest Czech city in real-life, Brno is, perhaps fittingly, the second Czech city to be introduced to the Truck Simulator games, after the country's capital, Praha.

Features[edit | edit source]

Brno is one of the few cities in vanilla ETS 2 to be divided into sectors.

In addition, an EuroAcres farm is located to the northwest of the city. It's a short drive from Brno proper on the D1.

Connections[edit | edit source]

As one may have guessed, the highway running across Brno is the D1, the most important road in Czech Republic.

  • Truckers can go to Praha by following the road west from Brno.
  • Ostrava, which is accessible to truckers with the Going East expansion, can be reached by the D1 to the east.

Another important highway, the D2, starts from Brno and runs south into Slovakia. The next accessible in-game settlement along this road is Bratislava, the Slovak capital.

Two minor roads originate from Brno:

  • One runs south from the city centre, eventually enters Austria and becomes that country's A21.
  • The other runs north from the EuroAcres farm and enters Poland. While the sign suggests the road is for Wrocław, truckers in fact have to make a turn near the Polish border in order to reach that city.

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