Brest is a western French city introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive la France. It took over Plymouth in United Kingdom as the westernmost in-game city.

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The most important landmarks in Brest are the Airport Brest-Bretagne, the Port of Moulin-Blanc with it's restaurant on a sailing vessel (which actually doesn't exist anymore in real life) and the Pont de l'Iroise, which crosses the river Élorn.

The accessible parts of the city are the industrial areas of Kergonan and Coataudon.

Features Edit

In the city centre, IKA Bohag and Tradeaux depots can be found. Other facilities include a garage, a gas station, a service shop and a small Scania dealer.

Southern to the centre, there is a Marina and a hotel.

Northeast to the city there is a FLE airport, a Subse depot is located to the southeast and a Bâtisse wind turbine construction site can be found to the east, close to Roscoff.

Connections Edit

Only two numbered highways connect Brest to other French cities:

  • The N12 heads towards Roscoff and Rennes.
  • The N165 starts to the Southeast of the city and runs towards Nantes.

A minor road connects both highways nearby Roscoff. One can find the Bâtisse construction area and the Subse depot along this road.

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