Border crossings are facilities featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2. They were introduced in the Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion.

Truckers are obliged to stop at the truck inspection checkpoint, where their documents are checked. As in real life, there are two checkpoints at each border crossing, one for each country.

The Road to the Black Sea expansion introduced more sophisticated border crossings, which include weigh stations, X-Ray controls and customs checkpoints.

List of border crossings Edit

The following border crossings exist in Euro Truck Simulator 2. At the moment, all of them are located on the Russian border with Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Only border crossings with active control checkpoints are listed:

Name / Nearest settlement Road
RU Torfyanovka FI Vaalimaa M-10 / V7
RU Ivangorod EE Narva A180 / T1
RU Pskov EE Luhamaa A212 / T7
RU Vyshgorodok LV Rēzekne P23 / A12
RU Sovetsk LT Panemunė A216 / A12
RU Chernyshevskoye LT Kybartai A229 / A7
RU Mamonovo PL Grzechotki A229 / 22
RU Bagrationovsk PL Bezledy A195 / 51
Romanian Giurgiu Bulgarian flag Ruse DN5 / I-2
HU Templ Ártánd Romanian Borș Road 42 / E79
Romanian Vama Veche Bulgarian flag Durankulak DN39 / I-9
Bulgarian flag Lesovo Turkish Hamzabeyli I-7 / D535
HU Templ Nagylak Romanian Nădlac M43 / A1

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to the Beyond the Baltic Sea expansion, border crossings (mostly deactivated with the Schengen Area) were depicted in the game as normal buildings or rest stops with country flags. There were also some (mostly disused) border checkpoint buildings, which were mere landmarks with no special functionality.
  • The former East German border crossing at Marienborn on the A2 (Germany), now a museum, is visible (but not accessible) at the rest stop of that name.
  • Before border crossings were implemented in the game, map mods usually simulated them by setting two toll gates or slow speed areas (20 km/h) close to each other.
  • Even though the United Kingdom has border controls with the rest of Europe in real life, no border crossings are depicted in the ferry ports or at the entrances of the Channel Tunnel.

Gallery Edit

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